State Of The Art: STORIES THROUGH STORMS [Album Stream]

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*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is Kansas.*

The clouds clear after a devastating hurricane has hit.  Life has changed beyond recognition.  You are left with with vivid recollectionsAssuming that this scenario is played out, the band Stories Through Storms from Kansas City has a vivid name and certainly are lodged in my brain as being a band telling stories in the storm of Metalcore.  They bring the thunder, the power and the freshness that follows.  On the melodic end of Metalcore, they are very welcome.

STS have released three EPs to date.  2016 saw the release of ‘The Dawn.’ which introduced the band and their rawer version of Metalcore with Deathcore vocals.  However, “Calloused Hands Of A Dreamer” gave us a preview of what later STS would be all about.

2017 saw the release of the more sophistocated ‘What Keeps Me Up At Night’. The heaviness was complemented by more melody and some industrial tinges.  This was a great prelude to this year’s epic ‘Echo’ release. With songs like “Jog On“, the EP is quite quirky.  Add to this mix, the metal version they released of the Chainsmokers’s “Closer” and these guys are doing some serious left turns in their career.

‘Echo’ is where the stuff gets serious! The band found a sympathetic producer in the well regarded Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Wage War, Across the Atlantic, etc).  The songs are tight and powerful, each bringing a very personal story to the table. “Bury Me” lights up the starting blocks with a fantastic chunk of riffage. There is a nugget of Nu Metal to the sound, along with 1990’s goth.  The growing sound stays with you in the darkest moments and moves your spirit with a glow following the tunnel that is our life.

Like a fire burning inside
I’m leaving this life
There’s a cold paranoia telling me I won’t get it right
But I know I can leave my fears behind
I won’t be a prisoner of time

– “Bury Me”

Anthem (For The Broken)” keeps up the momentum. The brutal, yet tuneful, growls meet the sweet melodies over a bridge of broken sighs. The sound is crisp and the guitars rattle the sea of sonic perfection.

The EP hits a high on “Locked Away,” with the vocals screaming emotion and angst. The band know how to elicit sorrow and optimism in the space of a three minute song.

Dark Heart” is the brooding thrash of a band off the leash with some subtle keyboards. The energy is off the chart and it has a great groove to it.

The EP is rounded out by the fabulous symphony of “Spectrum.” Three voices (including guest Leya Siri) remind me that great songs are often team efforts. This reminds me of Nu Metal as well, but that is no bad thing!

We’re no longer in Kansas as we know it. This alternative state is full of heartfelt songs and the stories are soooo good.  Try Stories Through Storms and unlock the heart and soul of Metalcore today.


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