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This month in State Of The Art we are going to Kentucky, and first up we have a heavy hitting Death Metal trio named KUR who make their lair in Lexington.  KUR is the depraved union of Apollyon – Drums, Mortimus Bile – Bass/Vocals, and Aciel – Guitar/Vocals.  I’m inclined to think this band is an extremely fresh face on the scene from what little information ive been able to gather on this brutal trinity of unholy monstrosities, which gives them all the more appealing. I happened to stumble upon them in a stroke of random chance just earlier today after I heard the track “Drowning The Kings Heir” which was released in anticipation of their upcoming EP with Hominine Records, to be released on New Year’s Eve of this year. KUR reminds me of some of the best Death Metal/Black Metal hybrids that hail from Europe.  They have slight raw feel to them, dark and heavy riffs complimented with hellish drumming and powerful guttural vocals, fusing the best parts of Death Metal and Black Metal for a satisfying listening experience.

A little more research in to this band lead me to their Reverbnation page where I found a few more slaying tracks: “Solar Raping Your God”, “Hate”, and “Littanies Of An Obscure Mass Conjuring Unholy Semen” all of which proving that this trio is definitely a band deserving of recognition. Each member of KUR understands what it is to make good, heavy music. They seem to be extremely good writing together, there are no awkward moments, they all come together in a terrifying fashion, and they do it just as good as some big bands we’ve been listening to for years. I only wish this band had more for me to listen to because I honestly couldn’t get enough, they’re a real gem to the Kentucky Death Metal scene, and I suggest to anyone living there to check out these guys as soon as humanly possible. There’s not a whole lot of things to say on these guys, KUR‘s music speaks for itself, they’re a brutal machine thats going to make a statement on their local stages, and onward. I can’t wait to see what they bring in the future.

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