State Of The Art: Hawaii’s THE GRANITE SAINTS [Album Stream]

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is Hawaii.*

From Honolulu, Hawaii, The Granite Saints are, according to their biog, “a three chord homage to the bands of their youth.”  They are snotty-nosed punks with the attitude of them against the world.  They talk and walk their way and anyone who doesn’t like it can just get out of their way.

Forged in the fires of 2013, they are made up of Lonesome James on rhythm guitar/lead vocals, Brian on bass/backup vocals, Shane Taylor on lead/rhythm guitars and Chad Taylor on drums.  They released a self titled EP in 2017, with some awesome beefy riffing on tunes like “Juju Mama” and “Run The Night.”  However, 2018 saw them really open up the Pandora’s Box of punk rocking music with ‘Red, White & Screwed.’

The record crashes out through the sonic scenery with gusto.  “Lies” points out its chin and dares you to aim a punch at it. The song has a real punk ethos flowing through it, with guitars chopping an aggressive set of riffs and James spitting out the lyrics.

Aint Here No More” follows up the adrenaline buzz nicely. This tune may be even more punk than “Lies” and that is some statement of intent.  The feeling is of 1970’s punk out of the UK, but with solos and better production.  It has a layer of attitude that just cannot be faked. These guys are authentic agitators, for sure.

Other songs that scratch the itch are the title track, with its catchy chorus and gang vocals. “Bloody Valentine” sounds very much a rockabilly punk and “Gun Against My Head” turns the fuzzbox upto 11.

Overall, ‘Red, White & Screwed’ is terrific sounding and has lots of energy to pass around.  Like speed users on Gatorade, these guys don’t slow down.  Who’s gonna rock like Granite?



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