STATE OF THE ART: BeyonDuplication [Song Stream]

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state.*
This month’s state is Kentucky!

“Hey, it’s heavy f**king metal dude. Damn.” What better way to introduce these guys than a lyric from their own song, “Intro?” BeyonDuplication are a heavy metal group of four from Scottsville, Kentucky. Zack Paul (vox/lead guitar), Josh Harvey (drums), Daniel Parkhurst (Guitar), and Matt Harvey (harsh vox) all knew each other in high school. After a Metallica-based talent show entry, the four enthusiastically created what is now BeyonDuplication.

The group started in 2004 and have been writing, practicing, and building their fan-base ever since. But don’t take that to mean “small game.” These guys have played with the big dogs and it truly astounds me that they aren’t more well known yet. They not only beat out seven other bands at a Nashville Battle of the Bands, they played alongside Jose Mangin at Nashville Ride For Dime, and joined large name shows with Whitechapel, Sevendust, Flaw, Avatar, Mushroomhead, Fear Factory, Miss May I, and Shaman’s Harvest.

After a number of lineup changes, a genre shift, and years of practice and shows, BD would release their debut album, “Open Eyes” in 2015. I’ve listened to this album several times this month and I honestly can’t bring myself to stop. It’s too good. The album features ten tracks including a somewhat calm and misleading “Intro”, the title track “Open Eyes”, and the groups’ singles.  You can check out “Open Eyes on Spotify and YouTube until you can get to a show and buy a physical copy. (And you definitely need to.) I’ve actually gotten their singles, “Breathe” and “Hide And Seek” stuck in my head so many times but I can’t even be mad about it since they’re such great tracks. Now, nearly three years later, we can expect not only a new video, but a new album to look forward to. The music video for their single, “Breathe” will be done by the same producers who created fellow band Kiss Kiss Bang‘s newest video. BeyonDuplication tells us the video should be released within the next couple of months, and that they can’t say a lot about the album yet, except that it will likely be an EP. I’m honestly so excited for both! We obviously don’t have the video for “Breathe” yet, but you can listen to the track here!


I only spoke with these guys for a few minutes over the phone but I’m no less excited for what they’re up to. They’ve been local for years and they’re still very visibly excited about shows, they were riled up from practice and it’s still fun for them and that’s a band that needs to make it. At the moment BD is busy with recording, making a music video, and a hunt for a new bass addition. That’s right, we’re including a talent call! Any local bass players can contact BeyonDuplication‘s manager at DJHM Entertainment [Corpus Malum].  But y’all need to hurry because they’re coming back with shows for us in the spring!

I was so pumped to get to cover these guys for State Of The Art and I promise you won’t be disappointed when you check them out.  The local word is they’re even better live so you can bet you’ll see me at as many shows as I can get to come spring.




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