State of the Art: BEG FOR LIFE

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s state is Arizona!

We are on our final week of State of the Art in the great state of Arizona! There’s no better way to end it then with Yuma’s Beg For Life. The band was formed in 2006 and refers to their genre on Bandcamp as “Prison Hill Hardcore”. The band released their only full length in 2009 titled ‘Doomed’. It comes at you with full force for the entirety of the record. You can check out their video they did for “Means To An End” (the opener on the record) below. Three years later, the band released their EP ‘Mare Miseria’. The four songs on the EP showed the band’s capability to become heavier, faster, and better as they continued. Both records were released via Westcoast Worldwide Records. The band has been somewhat inactive since then, but it appears that they are gearing up for more music soon.

Beg For Life has continued touring around Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona for some time but people have been waiting for new music. In October last year, the band announced that they were going to begin recording later in the year. The record was finished just before 2017 arrived and fans have been waiting. They released their first track in five years in May with “Eyes of the Enemy” which featured Kevin Hickey, vocalist for New York hardcore band Line of Scrimmage. You can check it out on the Bandcamp player below. These Arizona cats are continuing to show that they are worthy of being a big time hardcore band. Make sure you catch Beg For Life in the future when they begin touring for the new album. You can follow their Facebook page to stay on the lookout for an official announcement on the upcoming record. Thank you for checking out our State of the Art picks from Arizona. Next week we will be starting our State of the Art section on Illinois.

Beg For Life is:
Vocals – Steven Jimenez
Guitar – Jeff Yuma
Bass – Josh Griffin
Drums – Conrad Jackson

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