SLIPKNOT Releases Brand New Track ”All Out Life” And It is Brutal!

After waiting for so many years Slipknot has finally released a new song and I can tell you that the wait was definitely worth it! Get right in to witness the gory music video of ”All Out Life”!

The moment has finally come, today on the 31th of October Slipknot has released their official music video of their song ”All Out Life” and what is it messy! Right off the bat you can feel the energy rushing through your entire body. It has riffs worth giving attention to and lyrics to be careful of. But what else did we expect from Slipknot? And guess who the mastermind is behind the music video.. you guessed right. It is M. Shawn Craham himself! All in all a near perfect release from Slipknot yet again. Can’t wait for the next one!


(#0) Sid Wilson
(#3) Chris Fehn
(#4) Jim Root
(#5) Craig “133” Jones
(#6) Clown
(#7) Mick Thomson
(#8) Corey Taylor

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