SKELETONWITCH Presents Catchy And Riff Filled New Track, “Fen Of Shadows”!

Hark all ye thrashers! The boys from SKELETONWITCH are back, and have put out a brand new song, “Fen Of Shadows” from their all new, upcoming sixth studio full length, ‘Devouring Radiant Light‘. The brand new album will be out by July 20th, via Prosthetic Records this summer. So be prepared for a fast, technical and murky summer, all thanks to our boys from Athens, Ohio.

Fen Of Shadows” is SKELETONWITCH at it’s best and a true embodiment of what their music feels and holds. It can’t get any better than this. The riffs are catchy, thrash to it’s core, with lots of subtle black metal vibe. And at the same time, it is diverse and has a lot of other exciting stuff going on with it. The song has a brooding and post-metal sort of aura, where it takes you by your neck, but it’s a good feeling, like the one you feel when you walk amidst a misty, cold, dark and windy forest at the dawning of dusk. The tremolo induced shrills and wails will give you the goosebumps that is so inevitable on this track. Vocals are ear piercing and a total blistering force to reckon with, a force equally as fatal as the lightning fast riffing and terror inducing, relentless drumming.

Devouring Radiant Light‘ will be the band’s latest studio offering after their 2016 short four track EP, ‘The Apothic Gloom‘ which was out on August 19, 2016. That totally evaded my radars for some horrendous reasons, but now that I know they’re hitting back with a new LP, it would be a crime to let it just go without me listening to it. And I am sure, a lot of you thrashers and extreme metal fans would reciprocate my feelings. SKELETONWITCH ever since their inception has been a consistent and a damaging force in the thrash scene for a decade or more.

As you let yourself get devoured by the darkness of this new tune, don’t forget your favourite blackened thrash band, SKELETONWITCH will also be touring North America along with death metal stalwarts, OBITUARY, and doom metallers PALLBEARER, all of them who have their new arsenal of tracks in the form of a new album each, and thus will promote their new records.

SKELETONWITCH North America Live Dates:

05/02: Atlanta, GA – Masquerade #
05/03: Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger #
05/04: Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts #
05/05: New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre #
05/06: Boston, MA – Sinclair #
05/08: Toronto, ON – Opera House #
05/09: Montreal, QC – Club Soda #
05/10: Rochester, NY – Main Street Armory #
05/11: Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom #
05/12: Detroit, MI – Majestic #
05/13: Chicago, IL – Metro #
05/15: Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s #
05/16: Omaha, NE – Waiting Room #
05/18: Denver, CO – Gothic Theater #
05/19: Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall #
05/21: Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre #
05/22: Seattle, WA – El Corazon #
05/23: Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre #
05/25: San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge #
05/26: Pomona, CA – Glasshouse #
05/27: Phoenix, AZ – Club Red #
05/29: Austin, TX – Barracuda #
05/30: Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill #
05/31: Houston, TX – Scout Bar #
06/01: Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall #
06/02: Orlando, FL – The Haven Lounge #
06/03: Miami, FL – The Ground #
10/13: San Bernardino, CA – Glen Helen Amphitheater ^
10/16: Phoenix, AZ – Talking Stick Resort Arena ^
10/17: San Diego, CA – Valley View Casino Center ^
10/19: Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena ^


They have pretty much of 2018 sorted out, be it the new record or tours, both across North America or on the other side of the pond, Europe. Following are the European dates.

SKELETONWITCH European Live Dates:

06/21: Linköping, Sweden – The Crypt
06/22: Oslo, Norway – TONS OF ROCK
06/23: Kiel, Germany – Kieler Schaubude
06/25: Weinheim, Germany – Cafe Zentraal
06/26: Zurich, Switzerland – Werk 21
06/28: Barcelona, Spain – Sala Upload
06/29: Zaragoza, Spain – Sala King Kong
06/30: Vitoria, Spain – Urban Rock Concept
07/2: Nantes, France – Ferreilleur
07/4: Hannover, Germany – Béi Chéz Heinz
07/6: Roskilde, Denmark – ROSKILDE FESTIVAL
07/7: Bucharest, Romania – METALHEAD MEETING
07/8: Cluj-Nopoca, Romania – Hard Club
07/10: Bratislava, Slovakia – Fuga
07/11: Graz, Austria – Club Q
07/12: Ballenstedt, Germany – BANG YOUR HEAD
07/13: Eindhoven, Netherlands – Dynamo
07/14: Anyksciai, Lithuania – DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR
07/17: Roeselare, Belgium – De Verlichte Geest
07/18: Oberhausen, Germany – Kulttempel
07/19: Osnabruck, Germany – Bastard Club
07/20: Bertingen, Germany – RUDE
07/21: Weil am Reihn, Germany – BADEN IN BLUT
07/22: Budapest, Hungary – Durer Kert
07/23: Tolmin, Slovenia – METAL DAYS
07/25: Brno, Czech Republic – Melodka
07/26: Munich, Germany – FREE & EASY
07/27: Wiesbaden, Germany – Schlachthof
07/28: Steenwijk, Netherlands – STONEHENGE FESTIVAL
07/29: Utrecht, Netherlands – De Helling

Draped with and adorned in the musical lexicon of black metal, on ‘Devouring Radiant Light, SKELETONWITCH effortlessly incorporate Bergtatt-era ULVER, tremolo sky-ride leads and a strong atmospheric influence into their ever evolving blackened thrash attack. ‘Devouring Radiant Light was produced by Kurt Ballou, mixed by Fredrik Nordström, and mastered by Brad Boatright.

Before the album comes out this summer, just save the hassle of lining up in your record stores and pre-order the new album HERE! Till then, get those fists pumping and your head banging to the all new single, “Fen Of Shadows“, right down below.

Devouring Radiant Light‘ track-list:
1 – Fen of Shadows
2 – Where Paradise Fades
3 – Temple of the Sun
4 – Devouring Radiant Light
5 – The Luminous Sky 
6 – The Vault
7 – Carnarium Eternal 
8 – Sacred Soil

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