Sepultura & Aborted With Support Of Killing Cult Society Live In Hedon Zwolle, Holland!

When I heard that legendary thrash metal band Sepultura would be playing near me in Hedon Zwolle I instantly got my tickets to the show. They weren’t coming alone, they brought death metal band Aborted with supporting band Killing Cult Society. Even though I had never heard Killing Cult Society I had high hopes because you don’t become the support band for Sepultura for nothing! Before we go any further I need to talk about the venue, Hedon Zwolle. This has been my second time being there and yet again right after the doors were open you felt welcomed. Everything was well organized and the staff was friendly and easy to talk to. I am really happy about this venue and I am glad that I am lucky enough to live close to it. Already looking forward to being there again!

Now let’s start talking about the bands, starting out with Killing Cult Society.

Like I mentioned in the beginning I didn’t know Killing Cult Society but after hearing that they describe their sound as ”Hardcore Death Punk” it got me excited. While some of their song touch on matters like sharks they really excel at getting the crowd hyped up with their somewhat long intro’s. While doing so the vocalist will make sure that your eyes are on them and that you are completely focused on their playing. They may have only played for around 30 minutes but they left a clear mark on my mind. Their show was basically flawless besides one minor mistake the bassist made with his guitar strap but they recovered really fast and kept on playing some mind craving metal until it was time for the second band, Aborted. First check out the other pictures I took of Killing Cult Society below!


Vocals: Earik
Drums: Wouter
Bass: Wout
Guitar: Marko

Patrick De Graaf has been kind enough to record the song ”Sharks” on that evening, check it out below!

Moving on to the second and most brutal act from that evening, Aborted!

Aborted is one of the band that stay true to the genre, they are absolutely filthy and after hearing them live you won’t be able to hear for a couple days. Even the preparation was done Aborted style, the vocalist prepared his vocal cords by screaming words like ”fuck” ”bitch” and ”die”. Can it get any more brutal then that? Don’t think so! They played for a good 60 minutes and their intro’s were as dark as they get. I had never heard them live but after that night I became fully aware of the heaviness these guys are capable of bringing on the table. Their set was filled with heavy breakdowns, sinister intro’s, rapidly fast drumming, guitar work that will kick you out of your chair and last but certainly not least a bunch of pig squeels. This was also my first time witnessing that vocal style and I have to say, it is fantastic sounding while properly executed. Overall just a stellar performance!

If it wasn’t enough already, Aborted also brought their style onto their stage. There were 2 of these sitting on stage, they were both just staring through your soul for 60 minutes straight. Creepy as hell but it fits their style beautifully!

Patrick also recorded ”Meticulous Invagination” from the album ‘Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done’. Check it out below!

Sven De Caluwe – Vocals
Mendel Bij De Leij – Guitar
Ian Jekelis – Guitar
Ken Bedene – Drums
Stefano Francescini – Bass

Now might be the moment you have been waiting for, Sepultura is the last and headlining band from that evening, let’s get talking!

Sepultura is one of the pioneers of thrash metal bands, to some even legendary and I got to see them live on a closed yet smaller venue. It almost felt like a private show. They played a nice mixture of their old and new songs while remaining their Brazilian thrash sound. Every single one of them got their moment of fame, they all got put in the spotlight to show us what they got and it was a lot to say the least! One of the best moments from the night might be when guitarist Andreas Kisser got his acoustic guitar and played some chords for us. I even caught him doing it, take a look at the picture down below!

If this doesn’t show you his inhuman ability to play the guitar then I don’t know what ever will. Right before they were about to start their set they even teased us with it, they set the guitar down and later removed it from the stage to later return it so Andreas could show us what he is capable of. This with the moment where the vocalist, guitarist and their bassist were singing together finished the night on a good note. It has really been a great night that was full with amazing bands, I highly suggest you see them as soon as possible! If you live near Zwolle I also recomment you to check the venue, Hedon, out. It is great! On the 23th of August metalcore band While She Sleeps will be playing in Hedon, it is their only Dutch club show so you can’t miss it!

Andreas Kisser – Guitars
Derrick Green – Vocals
Eloy Casagrande – Drums
Paulo Jr. – Bass

Patrick De Graaf deserves a huge shout out for recording some of the best songs that got to play that night. he also recorded the song ”Biotech Is Godzilla”. It is a real banger, check it out!

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