Review: SET BEFORE US ‘Enigmas’


Album Artwork: Set Before Us – “Enigmas”

The out pour of fantastic Swedish metal bands continues! Set Before Us, from Stockholm Sweden, just recently put out their new EP ‘Enigmas’ on November 18, 2016. This is their second release, it is a follow up to their 2014 release, ‘Voyagers’. The new release was mixed and mastered by Venom Sounds. Having only formed in 2012, the band has a very polished sound. There is a strong influence of the early metalcore bands and it stands out on this EP! The band consists of Niklas Edström, Erik Tropp, Hampus Andersson, Jesper Nilsson, and Emanuel Borgefors.sbu2

The guitarists really showcase their talents on this first song, “Clay Heart” starts with a cool tapping intro leading into an intense series of in your face heaviness and melody. The bassist adds to this with hard hitting fills and breakdowns. The drummer really sets the tone on this EP, the rhythm of the songs come together very well and are very catchy. The vocalist puts up a very strong performance, with a mix of screaming and a small amount of clean vocals. The lyrics are thought-provoking, which is something I really enjoy hearing from bands. It is just as important as the instrumentation to me. “Earth Destroyer” is my favorite track on the release. Lots of heavy rhythm and fast playing lead guitar and tight playing all around. “Dusk/Dawn” closes the album with a piano intro, it is probably the slowest song on the release but it is perfect for ending the EP. You can listen to the new album and subscribe to Set Before Us on their YouTube channel and you can check out their older material on Bandcamp. Also be sure to like them on Facebook to be on the lookout for their next release. Below is a lyric video for their song “Peripheral Vision”.

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