Review: ROADSAW – ‘Tinnitus The Night’ [Album Stream]

The stoner rock trio known as Roadsaw formed in 1995, in my native Boston, Massachusetts. Their style is described as a strange trip through the British electric blues, down into the Southern Rock swamps and West through the heart of California’s psychedelic desert. Roadsaw recently delivered a highly anticipated album after 8 years on an “indefinite hiatus,” ‘Tinnitus The Night,’ was released just last month via Ripple Music. Prior to that the band had released 5 full length albums the most recent of which was their self titled release in 2011. ‘Tinnitus’ was produced by world renowned producer Benny Grotto (Aerosmith, Ben Folds, Dresden Dolls, Weird Al Yankovic) at his co-owned Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Massachusetts.

What’s great about this band is the fact that you really wouldn’t know about these guys unless you looked them up, proving the best music sometimes isn’t the easiest to find. Listening to Roadsaw is like listening to a band from a different era, only set in the present day. Their sound pays proper homage to the rock n roll that we all knew, loved, and grew up listening to. Roadsaw’s online presence is a bit obscure; upon digging for more info on these guys, I had seen that they released a test pressing of this album-on vinyl. I’d highly recommend packing your bowl a few times and letting this rip on your record player, because it is stoner rock and why not?

The first song on this record, “Along For The Ride” is a stomping, loud, and anthemic type of a tune. To their longtime fans, this was the years long-awaited reintroduction to their badass, stoner rock-y sounds. Another song I really enjoyed was “Peel.” This really takes you back to the rock guitar-solo driven songs of the 70’s, complete with cosmic effects and dreamy vocal rounds. You hear Craig Riggs say, “peel the flesh right off my head,” and some crashy cymbals surround your eardrums. “Final Phase” is the shortest song on this record, but it packs bushels of music and within the confines of just over 2 minutes. Ian Ross’s riffs are crunchy and unapologetic; it’s punk at heart without really having to be.

Just when I thought that rock n roll didn’t have a heart anymore, I stumble upon this trio. Roadsaw’s lineage is rich, and a band by which all stoner metal should be measured. This release belongs on loud as hell levels from start to finish.

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