Review: POWERWOLF – ‘The Sacrament Of Sin’ [Official Music Videos]

Who is ready for the most awesome and badass band hailing from German grounds? Powerwolf is back to release another beauty and this time it is called ‘The Sacrament Of Sin’ and I can assure you that it is as cool as it sounds. It contains all the best aspects Powerwolf has to offer and more. It is truly amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Get in!

Where to start? First have a look at the insanely detailed album art. Isn’t is near perfection? Well in my eyes it is and so is the introduction song ”Fire & Forgive”. It has been released via their record label Napalm Records on the 22th of June this year and it is Powerwolf all the way through. I have always believed perfection doesn’t exist but this makes me reconsider it. They have cracked the code, they aren’t repeating themselves while keeping true to their roots. ”Fire & Forgive” is the track to recomment to any old or new fan of the band. It just can’t get any better then this.

Or can it? Well after hearing ”Killers With The Cross” and I am not sure anymore. It opens up a door to another great world where Powerwolf rules all (as if they didn’t already). It is filled with tasty riffs that might call out a werewolf or 2 and besides that the guitar solo will leave you grasping for more. This right here is Powerwolf at its best.

Let’s talk about a very unique but incredible song of the album named ”Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone”. It may not be as fast or as dark but goddamn what is it beautiful. You truly won’t understand until you hear it yourself but I will try to explain. It creates this calming bubble around that can’t be pierced. Nothing can hurt or bother you for a second and all is good. All your daily stress, pain or bad memories fade away for a moment and it leaves you with one thing in mind. Enjoying this song to the end of days.

But what is a Powerwolf album without a song to sing along to? Exactly! Nothing! So let’s start talking about ”Nightside Of Siberia” and the glory it holds. It may just be around 4 minutes long but that’s all we need to raise our fists and headbang till the morning breaks free. I can already see this as a great opener to their next show or festival to set the mood. Man oh man what will that be awesome. Luckily for you and me they have an upcoming headline tour with Amaranthe & Kissin Dynamite! I have already seen them at Into The Grave 2017 and Graspop 2018 so I can only tell you one thing, don’t miss it!

Wolfsnächte 2018
w/ Amaranthe, Kissin Dynamite
26.10.18 DE – Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
27.10.18 DE – Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle
28.10.18 BE – Brussels / AB Main Hall
29.10.18 DE – Hamburg / Mehr! Theater
31.10.18 DE – Berlin / Huxleys
01.11.18 PL – Warsaw / Progresja
02.11.18 DE – Leipzig / Haus Auensee
06.11.18 AT – Wien / Arena
07.11.18 IT – Milan / Live Club
09.11.18 DE – Munich / TonHalle
10.11.18 DE – Ludwigsburg / MHP Arena
11.11.18 NL – Eindhoven / Effenaar
12.11.18 UK – London / Koko
14.11.18 CH – Lausanne / Les Docks
15.11.18 CH – Zurich / Komplex 457
16.11.18 DE – Geiselwind / Music Hall
17.11.18 DE – Saarbrücken / Saarlandhalle

Powerwolf line-up:

Attila Dorn – Vocals
Matthew Greywolf – Guitar
Charles Greywolf – Guitar
Falk Maria Schlegel – Organ
Roel van Helden – Drums

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