Review: KRANE – ‘Pleonexia’ [Album Stream]


Swiss Metal act KRANE bring instrumental darkness across their 2017 sophomore effort, ‘Pleonexia.’ Combining elements of droning guitar efforts and driving drum rhythms to compile towards a sound that is both unique and dark all together, it’s a hopeful ambition that KRANE continue to make music that fulfills listening pleasure to fans across the world apart from their Russian home audience. Deriving elements from their three members styles to incorporate and eerie sound unlike most things that many bands in their genre can achieve, while thus continuing their efforts from their first release in 2013, it’s no secret as to how simply talented these guys are just by simply listening to the music.

      “Deception,” the intro to this eerie listening experience, gives you a buildup that sets the stage for a very dramatic listening experience that dives straight in the rhythms with the second track, “I: Strategic Level.” “II: Operational Leve,” clears the way for heavier grooves to bring you closer to the music. It’s a twelve minute long instrumental jam that leaves no room for dull space. “Aftermath,” the last song on this out of body listening experience let’s you have a deep breath to comprehend the intensity that this second album from this band brought to you. Samples used in this song can be found all over the album that add that little extra touch of uneasiness that is brought about throughout the entire album. ‘Pleonexia’ was released in 2017 under Czar of Crickets and we can only hope that this band continues to bring us the same sounds we received in this effort in their future musical endeavors. 

The band also just released a brand new track titled “Eidos” which you can check out below.


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