Review: GOREPOT – ‘Asian Stoned Effect’ [Full Album Stream]

It is that time of year again where we cover albums that most people disgust and fear, slamming brutal death! This time we will talk about the oh so beautiful act Gorepot which is, obviously, as great as it sounds!

Released just 2 days ago on the 13th of November via SLAM WORLDWIDE is this bad boy right here. Where everything begins to suck Gorepot is here to pick you right up with their disgusting and funny way of making music. The genre is known of having little clips in their songs but Gorepot takes it to another level. And most of the times it makes no sense and for some reason that only makes it better. Intro song ”The Flying Goochman” is setting the perfect example of how ‘Asian Stoned Effect’ is going to sound like. But what else can we expect with Larry on the vocal train which gets assisted by the riffs of Mick and Jacob? It is time to go nuts. I mean just one look at either the album art or at the names and you know what kind of mess it will be. Normally I would go over 3 or so tracks but with bands like Gorepot it is pretty easy explained. Their songs are not for the weak minded, it is filled with terror and the sounds are terrible in the most beautiful way. The riffs are nasty and combined with the many filthy vocal styles used they make for a great addition to your slam collection!


Larry – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Mick – Guitar
Jacob – Bass

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