Review: GALACTIC PEGASUS’ “Phantom Of The Hill” [Stream]


Hailing from British Columbia, with one of the best band names ever, Galactic Pegasus is here to deliver their first full length album, “Phantom of the Hill” on Famined Records. Forming in 2011, the band manages to mix metalcore and djent together very well. They’ve even toured with the likes of Black Tongue. After releasing some strong EPs like Mirages and Pariah, the time has finally come for a full album, and it’s awesome. It was released November 18th, 2016.


Andrew Hockley puts out hard-hitting vocals, sure to grab your attention. Andrew Baena also adds to vocals on a few of the songs, adding to the diversity of the album so that there is both screaming and clean singing. Baena shares guitar duties with Cooper Lagace; they compose hauntingly heavy, but catchy riffs that are fun to listen to. The bassist, Johnny Ciardullo, adds to the technicality of the music with killer playing, adding a progressive side to the band as well. The drumming on the album is stellar also. The title track “Phantom of the Hill” is a standout. It’s blisteringly heavy and shows that their writing skills are top notch at an early point of the band’s career. “Thanatos” had a quiet buildup and explodes into a super catchy djent tune, requiring your attention for the duration of the song. “Homecoming” is probably my favorite track on this record. It is melodic and catchy, but technical at the same time, something I look for in music nowadays. The sky is the limit for this band and I truly look forward to seeing their popularity grow soon. Make sure to pick up their new release on iTunes or pick up some of their earlier stuff on Bandcamp. You can like them on Facebook as well. You can find the album stream below.

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