Review: Double-Barrel Vasectomy – ”Callus’!

Double-Barrel Vasectomy is one of the many projects from the one and only Anthony Leasgang, we have written about him multiple times now but I have to say this project is something different and most definitely slamming. The project had been alive for some time now and finally Anthony (with the help of  Eli Vincent and Rich Fahringer) had decided to fire up the old engine and start racing. So put your seat belt on because we are about to kick off!

And what better way to kick it off then with the intro song ”Anatomy Lessons”. It is as slamming as it gets and after headbanging to the main riff I have to say these are some well produced riffs for an introduction to a brutal record like this.

Next up we have ”Leisures And Leisons”. It is the third track of the album and after the vocals of Anthony kick in you already know what is coming. Is it the slam police? No it is an earthquake as big as England and Scotland combined. After hearing his vocals in his other projects like Catatonic Profanation & Anatomy Of A Creation I thought I heard it all but he proved me wrong completely. Slam vocals can get really boring but his just don’t. The riffs go perfectly with the vocals and the song is not overdone. Another perfect creation by Anthony and his buddies!

Last but certainly not least is ”Euphoric Vascular Dysphoria” and just after hearing the name you already know it is going to be a top notch song. If the intro scream didn’t scare you already the lows and highs later in the song will. It is downright disgusting is every way possible and man oh man what can Rich and Eli play. Those 2 combined with the filthy vocals from Antony are just made for slam.

If you love slam you have to get or at least check out this beauty called ”Callus”. It will be out tomorrow on the 9th of June via SLAM WORLDWIDE and it will be on their own bandcamp which you can visit right here!

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