Review: DOMKRAFT ‘The End of Electricity’ [Stream]

I’ve always been big on Swedish bands and that does not change here with Domkraft. Domkraft, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden have outdone themselves with this splendid new release. They manage to take that doom/stoner feel and grab you by the throat, asking for your full attention for the complete duration of the album. The End of Electricity, coming out on November 11th on Magnetic Eye Records, is a stellar follow up to their debut self-titled album released in October of 2013. The group continues to get better, and this is no exception, it is a very powerful, gripping record.mer049_300dpi_cover

The band consists of Martin Widholm bringing out thunderous, doomy riffs out on his guitar. The bassist and vocalist of the band, Martin Wegeland, compliments the guitar work with killer bass fills while even taking the song in a different direction sometimes. He belts out hypnotizing, addictive vocals from the start. Drummer Anders Dahlgren makes a very strong showing on this album that had me rocking the air drums on quite a few songs. I really like that the songs can quickly change pace, when you think you are safe, the riffs return and overpower you! There is a ton of groove on this album as well so it never really slows down, you always remain interested in the music. The songs are layered well and you can hear things being added in throughout each song. My favorite song on the album right now is “The Rift” because it is catchy but at the same time, blisteringly heavy. “Red Lead” is another song filled with plenty of riffage, phasers, and more epic vocals. “We Will Follow” closes the album with possible the heaviest track on the record. They push their creative height on this song and it really shows! This Swedish powerhouse is showing no signs of slowing down and I can’t wait for everyone else to check this album out. You can currently stream the song “The Rift” and preorder the album on their bandcamp profile page.

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