Review: CULTURAL WARFARE – ‘Future Kill’ [Song Stream]

Artwork by Brian Lewis

From Oakland, California, Cultural Warfare are preparing to debut their first EP from M-Theory Audio, “Future Kill”. This thrashing release will drop this Friday on January 27, 2017. The band has undergone some lineup changes since forming in 2011 but has finally been solidified for their first release. The band consists of long time members Billy Garoutte on the guitars and Kevin Doughty on the drums. Joining the band will be members from the band Taunted, with Jacques Serrano on the vocals and Pete Aguilar on the bass guitar. The EP was produced by Juan Urteaga (Testament, Exodus, Vicious Rumors) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Halford, Sepultura). The artwork of ‘Future Kill’ was done by Brian Lewis of Stone Design (DevilDriver, Black Label Society). Having been around since the formation of bay area thrash, the highly experienced members of Cultural Warfare are here in 2017 to conquer the world with their classic thrash sound.

The EP kicks off with an epic intro and ripping scream from Serrano on “Defy the Blade” before diving into a ton of riffing and a ton of groove. The song then takes off into a fascinating guitar solo that will please all rock and metal listeners. The track can be found on their BandCamp or you can listen to it below. “Ratten Krieg” keeps the energy pumping with killer bass fills at the beginning of the song from Aguilar and ear-splitting vocals. The song has a darker tone to it, which would explain why it is one of the heavier songs on the record. It never lets up with the speed and delivers something that every thrash fan will love. “The Damned” follows that up with a catchy chorus, casting a mix of supreme heaviness and melody at the same time. Every thing about the band has an edge to it: the hard hitting drums, the ripping guitars, the monstrous bass lines, and shattering vocals. The experience of Cultural Warfare shows quite a bit throughout the record. You can hear the influence of the early thrash scene, bringing back the aggression that we are all looking for in thrash metal. Title track, “Future Kill” showcases the talents of Billy Garoutte and his ability to take off into a tremendous guitar solo and then return right back to the headbanging riffs that make up the meat of the song. “Our Dead Earth” brings ‘Future Kill’ to a close with a short instrumental track with melodic and acoustic guitar. Cultural Warfare has put together a well rounded debut EP and are ready for Mass Destruction as they plan to tour very soon. Be sure to preorder the EP on their BandCamp or website. You can check out the song “Defy the Blade” below. Follow the band on Facebook here.

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