Reb Beach On Solo Material “I Have It Written”

Reb Beach has carved out quite career for himself over the 30+ years in the industry.  From being one of the founding members in 80’s rock band Winger, who achieved mainstream success on the strength of their classic ‘Seventeen’.  While Winger were the constant butt of jokes in the early 90’s thanks in part to Beavis and Butthead.  Reb would go on to join Whitesnake in 2002, and has become a sort of band leader amongst the who’s who of the classic rock era that now comprise the band. Beach has played on the last 4 Whitesnake albums, their most recent coming with 2019’s ‘Flesh and Blood’.

Reb joins co host Jon to discuss the newest Whitesnake album, Flesh and Blood, as well as revealing that he’ll be starting the writing process for the next Winger album in August.  How he has a follow up to his Masquerade album, and shares news of his upcoming solo record that should be out this fall and more.

Hear the full interview below:


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