PALAYE ROYALE & STARBENDERS Fever Dream In Minnesota [Review & Photo Gallery]

Palaye Royale have launched into the Fever Dream World Tour. They recently made a stop at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota and played an explosive set. The tour included Mod Suncarolesdaughter and Starbenders.

I was unable to catch the sets by a couple of the openers but the first band on the stage, Starbenders, were amazing. This four-piece unit out of Atlanta, Georgia demanded your attention. Led by vocalist and guitarist Kimi Shelter they ripped through a very short set that included “Holy Mother” and “Cover Me.” Flanking Shelter were guitarist Kriss Tokaji and bassist Aaron Lecesne, both were in constant motion and brought a lot of energy to the stage, while drummer Emily Moon handled the beat perfectly. I love bands that are hard to pin down from a genre aspect. They certainly pull from an assortment of subgenres that include 70’s glam, punk, grunge, rock, psychedelic and hard rock and roll it into a single entity unique to the band. They released ‘Love Potions’ in 2020 which was their first full length record and have continued to release an assortment of singles that are fantastic like “Seven White Horses,” “Blood Moon” and “If You Need It.” It was a real thrill to finally see the Starbenders and a band I will continue to root for. The path is never easy for bands that can’t be put into a single box but those are the type of bands that tend to stick around as fads come and go. If you’re hitting this tour, it’s well worth your time to get there early and catch this band live. 

The headliner, Palaye Royale, hit the stage with the rouser “Nightmare.” The band has released three albums and have created a tidal wave that continues to get bigger from their relentless touring and high-octane performances. They are and continue to be one of the most entertaining acts to take the stage as they completely overwhelm the audience with an infectious energy that is felt throughout the venue and then that energy is fed right back to the stage from the crowd that is singing every word. Vocalist Remington Leith understands his job on stage, it’s just not to sing the songs, but it’s also to bring every fan into his world, onto that stage, and be part of the family. He works non-stop to give the fans every penny’s worth of that ticket price and despite fighting off a throat issue, he gave everything he had on every song. Guitarist Sebastian Danzig never stopped moving as he glided across the stage constantly while providing his Gretsch guitar tones that sounded great. The last listed member of the band is drummer Emerson Barrett who held down the rhythm and also took his turn at the keyboard, as did Danzig and Leith, which may be the first time I’ve ever seen three different guys sit down at the keyboard in a single show. The band featured two other musicians that brought their own excitement and energy to the stage and fit in perfectly to what the band is all about. This show revisited the past with cuts like “Get Higher,” “Mr. Doctor Man” and “Dying in a Hot Tub” but this tour is about now and the album ‘Fever Dream’ that will be dropping soon. Four singles from the upcoming release were played which included “No Love in LA,” “Paranoid,” “Punching Bag” and the title track which hit the ears in a live setting for the first time for these fans and you could feel the excitement of the crowd as they played them. 

Palaye Royale is another band that is hard to define, they simply call themselves “Fashion-Art Rock” but what you hear comes from a wide range of styles and influences. Throw in everything from The Rolling StonesDavid BowieT-RexNew York Dollsand Iggy Pop with a My Chemical Romance hook and pop sensibilities, then add a sprinkle of The Black Crowes and that right there is a piece of the bands DNA. Whatever inspires them, I hope they continue to grow and create the music they want to do despite what the popular musical landscape defines what they should be to fit into the current fad. They bring an electric stage show and one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen in some time and a catalog that is just as exciting and unpredictable which is what makes music great.  

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