MEMORIAM Guitarist Founds New Project, AS THE WORLD DIES [Video Teaser]

Scott Fairfax, of Memoriam (English death metal, signed to Nuclear Blast Records) fame, has been churning out a record for his new project, As the World Dies. Chris McGrath, a lifelong friend of Fairfax, will be behind the kit. McGrath has been involved with Ashen Crown (another English death metal outfit) and has also helped out Memoriam as their drummer for one live show. On bass guitar is Phil Milman (also from Ashen Crown), and second guitarist is Topher O’Meagher, from English metal band Gehtika. On vocals is former The Face of Ruin singer, Alex Mumford.

The title, As the World Dies, is a raw, non-fictitious reference to the chaos and destruction that has befallen the human race. McGrath states, “We didn’t want to release just another death metal racket; we wanted something with meaning.”  

As the World Dies is something for fans of Strapping Young Lad, Cannibal Corpse, and Bolt Thrower. ATWD reintroduces the old school metal feel to those who may not be familiar. It’s pretty reminiscent of Chris Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse, and has the soaring metal riffage of early Bolt Thrower. ATWD‘s Facebook page is mum on release details, but advises to keep an ear to the ground for updates on this new, blistering project.

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