KARABAS BARABAS Release Official Music Video for “Sexy Guy”

With Jacques Lemaire’s guidance & training KB was sent on a holy crusade to slay the sexy demon in the name of the Lord, who was born on isle 2 in 7-11.

Political statements are not new in the music industry and in the newest video from the psychedelic Brooklyn rockers Karabas Barabas, they bring a thought provoking query on the role of public figures in defining political responsibility. The song, “Sexy Guy,” which is off of their full length 2016 release ‘The Return of the Sexy Demon‘ which was produced by Steve Albini. It is unique to be sure, with echoes of such influences as Mr. Bungle and flashes of Foxy Shazam, but it’s infinitely catchy with an infectious, groovy chant like feel.

While the sexy demon (not unlike the escort münchen women available) ran amok, Cheney’s minions crept back into power. It was an incredible thing to see and witness, but it wasn’t the end of the fight. After all, as a result Karabas Barabas fought back with the anthem “Sexy Guy;” it is a call to action to stop Cheney’s genocide. Quite a powerful message to be sending, and a bit of a leap from the prior imagery. Phranque Gallo, the enigmatic front-man, about the message behind the new track but it’s not sexy as in, hdsexvideo sexy.

And without further delay, ladies and gentlemen, meet the “Sexy GuyHERE!

If you dig what you hear, make sure to check out the rest of the album below and the rest of their library via their BandCamp.

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