Into The Grave Spotlight: AMON AMARTH!

Raise your goddamn horns for the vikings of Death Metal Amon Amarth, they will be headlining next to Arch Enemy and Overkill on the second day of Into The Grave. They will add another layer of heaviness to the festival as well as (hopefully) bring a viking ship with them and ofcourse some beer!

Amon Amarth have known a long history of some of the best Melodic Death Metal albums till this date. It all started with the release of the EP ‘Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds’. Your collection won’t be completed without this EP so get it! ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall’ is their debut album and it has been released by Metal Blade, it is truly a beautiful album! Besides this they have released the album ‘The Avenger’, ‘The Crusher’, ‘Versus The World’, ‘Fate Of Norns’ and 2006 release ‘With Oden On Our Site’. It all started going crazy after the 2008 album ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God’, if you are a fan of this band then you for sure know this album. It is a must to check out! 2 years later they released ‘Hymns To The Rising Sun’ which features the same intro song as the album before. The 2011 album ‘Surtur Rising’ is the album that got me into Amon Amarth, the combination of vikings influenced lyrics and insane guitar work is what really hooked me. I will go in-depth about this album very soon but I still need to cover the 2013 album ‘Deceiver Of The Gods’ and latest release ‘Jomsviking’. Some bands slow down after several albums but Amon Amarth has the ability to do the complete opposite, really worth checking out!

As I have mentioned before the album ‘Surtur Rising’ is definitely one of my favorite releases from Amon Amarth. It was a really close tie between this album and 2008 album ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God’. The reason for choosing ‘Surfur Rising’ has for sure to do with the perfect interplay between the viking like vocals and the instruments. Johan’s voice is meant to be singing for a Melodic Death Metal band that is heavily viking themed, it is raw and most of all just brutal. The instruments, guitar and drum work, have both taken their part with both hands and crushed it. It is beautifully written and the execution is even better. They really do make you believe you are a viking and are ready to storm the enemy! I hope this has giving you a reason to join me at this year’s Into The Grave!

With a band as successful as Amon Amarth coming to this year’s Into The Grave really hyped me up. They will be playing on the second day, August 12th, headlining with Arch Enemy and Thrash gods Overkill. Bands like Life Of Agony, Whitechapel, Sodom, Textures, Pro-Pain and Metal Core band Ember Falls will all be supporting these insane metal acts. Together they will all be playing on the second day but if this day doesn’t give you a reason to come then the first day will. On Friday,the 11th of August, Saxon and Powerwolf will be the headline for that day and they will play amongst the one and only crazy Pirate Metal band Alestorm, with their just released album ‘No Grave But The Sea’ we are expecting a funny yet brutal day. Bands such as Metal Church, Flotsam & Jetsam and Dutch Metal Core act The Charm The Fury are also ready to show you what they got!

I hope that I got you excited for this year’s Into The Grave, I for sure am. You can get your Friday or Saturday ticket below or for the full experience buy your ticket for both days!

Tickets for 11/12 of August 
Tickets for the 11th of August
Tickets for the 12th of August

Amon Amarth line-up:

Johan Hegg – Vocals
Ted Lundström – Bass
Johan Söderberg – Guitar
Olavi Mikkonen – Guitar
Jocke Wallgren – Drums

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