Interview With Shred Extraordinaire, Tara Lynch!

Tara Lynch (all lead/rhythm guitars, bass)
Mark Boals – Vocals
Bjorn Englen – Bass
Derek Sherinian – Keyboards
Brian Tichy – Drums
Glen Sobel – Drums

Evil Enough to be released in 2017 on Tarasuz Records

Artists on Evil Enough:

Vinny Appice – Drums

Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Kill Devil Hill, Last In Line

Mark Boals – Vocals

Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Dokken, Dio Disciples, Raiding the Rock Vault

Björn Englen – Bass

Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Soul Sign, Dio Disciples

Tony MacAlpine – Keyboards

Tony MacAlpine, Planet X, CAB

Derek Sherinian – Keyboards

Dream Theater, KISS, Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Country Communion, Billy Idol

Glen Sobel – Drums

Alice Cooper, Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Uli Jon Roth, Hollywood Vampires

Phil Soussan – Bass

Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Last In Line

Brian Tichy – Drums

Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne


If you have not already heard Tara Lynch, you certainly will very soon.  This multi-instrumentalist, axe slinger and songwriter is going to be dropping Evil Enough shortly with a veritable who’s who in Rock and Metal in her band and/or guest playing.  Starting with guitar at the age of eleven, Tara is a self taught phenom on the guitar, which remains her favorite and most accomplished instrument, but also plays bass, piano, drums and other various instruments.  With a desire to live fully to her God-given talents, she had gone on to study with Steve Vai (Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Alcatrazz) Chad Smith (drums – Red Hot Chili Peppers), Björn Englen (bass – Yngwie Malsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Soul Sign, Dio Disciples) and Derek Shrinian (piano/keys – Dream Theater, KISS, Alice Cooper, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol) to sharpen her already devastating skill set!  Well here’s your chance to get in early for an artist that is going to be shining very brightly, very soon!  We will keep you up to date on all things Ms. Lynch as things develop!  This is going to be awesome!  Cannot freakin’ wait!  Enjoy!

Interview with Ms. Tara Lynch:

First and foremost, I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to answer our queries! It is never taken for granted and always appreciated! Absolutely love your musical direction!

Odyssey: It is well known by those of us that follow you that you are almost entirely self-taught. Over time, what has come easiest to you?

Tara: Not almost, I am entirely self-taught. It’s true I’ve studied with some of the greats, but only after I was already established in my playing for many years. Probably songwriting has come easiest to me over time.

Odyssey: What has been your biggest obstacle playing guitar (or any other instrument, for that fact) and how have you overcome it?

Tara: The technical aspects of the equipment associated with playing has been quite a learning experience for me in terms of recording. It’s completely different from what you’d do live. I’m learning as I go.

Odyssey: You also have perfect pitch and play strictly by ear. Did you learn by rabidly playing songs by others like Joe Pass, whose father sat him in front of the radio and would not let him get up until he had it nailed, or was this something you developed over time/gifted with?

Tara: Just gifted, I suppose. As I recall, the first time I picked up a guitar I had the basic riff of a song nailed first shot out. I just kept listening over and over and nailed it by ear. No one had to force me, it was a natural obsession.

Odyssey: This form of learning opens many up to “doing things wrong”. I tend toward the perspective that it leaves one a creative “open book”. What techniques have you “invented” that give you such a distinctive and honest sound?

Tara: I do not believe that, in playing guitar or any instrument, there is a right or wrong. It’s an art form left up to our own interpretation. I used to think that not having formal training was a curse, but I now realize it was truly a blessing. It’s the very reason why I have my own unique delivery. I can’t say I’ve invented any techniques, I can just say that my attack on notes is definitely very unique.

Odyssey: How does “strictly by ear” playing work for you when playing with other, formally trained musicians?

Tara: Well, it doesn’t really tend to matter. Instead of calling out a note name, just play or sing the note for me and I’m all over it right away. Not an issue.

Odyssey: As you well know, simply being able to play guitar a songwriter does not make. How did this ability develop to include every instrument in the band? Are you also singing on the track where you play all instruments?

Tara: I picked up every instrument just like guitar. Started immediately. I remember the very first song I ever played on drums, I nailed it within an hour. I can just listen and reproduce what I hear. Then it was easy for me to just start creating on my own. Yes, I sing on all of the demos.

Odyssey: What other instruments/types of music would you like to explore that you have not? Why?

Tara: Oh wow, I’ve just about tried everything. I’m an instrument junkie! I guess I might try singing a bit.

Odyssey: You name all of your guitars. How many do you have now anyway (you only NEED one, you know!)? What are some of your favorite names?

Tara: I do name some of my guitars, but not all. I have over 80, so that would be impossible. I do really love the name Blucifer, for my blue Vigier. That would be my top favorite.

Odyssey: A few have been chosen from fan suggestions. How do you name them?

Tara: A fan named Blucifer. Sometimes I will run a contest on my Facebook fan page and I’ve got great names that way. Sexual Chocolate is another. Hilarious!!!Others I just name if I have an urge.

Odyssey: Any single guitar you have a particular affection for and why?

Tara: Oh, absolutely. My modified Ernie Ball Silhouette Special is by far my favorite. It has the greatest sound, feel and just fits me really well. It’s also very special, because it used to belong to a very good friend of mine, Vinnie Moore, who used it on several of his solo albums.

Odyssey: Have you chosen to endorse any guitars/effects/amps/cabinets/etc.?

Tara: Not yet, but I’ll be open to the idea eventually.

Odyssey: Speaking of gear, please take us through you various and sundry instrumental rigs (admitted gear nerd here… LOL!).

Tara: I really love my Diezel and Friedman amps. Amazing sound, just phenomenal natural distortion out of those, so no distortion pedals for me. I like my EVH flanger for rhythms occasionally, my BOSS Digital Delay for leads and that’s just about it! I keep it honest and simple.

Odyssey: There is so much in your playing and not all strictly heavy. I am curious, what do you listen to other than Metal?

Tara: Absolutely everything from Steely Dan to Slayer, Frank Sinatra to James Brown, you name it!!! I love any music that moves me. That’s my only requirement. If it makes me groove, I’ll crank it.

Odyssey: Your lyrical direction so far has been brutally honest, personal and raw (Alanis MorrisetteJagged Little Pill” honest, in my opinion). Leaving little gray area for interpretation in your first single, “Trustless” from your upcoming release of Evil Enough, where else do you pull lyrical inspiration?

Tara: Every song I write is sort of a personal diary, even the instrumentals. All inspiration is drawn from my actual life experiences and the people in it, both past and present. And yes, it’s very honest.

Odyssey: Your band is a veritable Who’s Who In Metal. How did you develop this all star lineup with Mark Boals, Bjorn Englen, Derek Shrinian, Brian Tichy and Glen Sobel? In addition, you have recruited the legendary talents of Vinnie Appice,Tony MacAlpine (one of my favorite guitarists, playing keys with you) and Phil Soussan. How did this come about?

Tara: With the exception of Brian Tichy, whom I did not personally know (Sherinian brought him in), these guys are all personal friends of mine, so all it took was a phone call, text or a conversation over dinner.

Odyssey: Currently, who sits at the top of your “want to play with” list and why?

I’d sell my soul to be a Nameless Ghoul in the band Ghost! I’m a huge fan of their music and theatrical concept. Freaking brilliant!!!!

Odyssey: What circumstances grabbed the attention of Geert Fiew (founder of Belgian band Beyond the Labyrinth) in 2015 for him to have you write and track solos for Beyond the Labyrinth’s upcoming fourth album, “The Art of Resilience“?

Tara: Geert heard me play on one of those Monsters of Rock cruises and was very impressed. So much so that he asked me to play on the album. Then I went out to Belgium to record and now the album is going to be released on March 17th.

Odyssey: Do you have any further plans for collaboration projects like this? How do you choose what to do and what to pass on?

Tara: Absolutely. I’m open to most anything as long as it makes sense and I can work it into my schedule. I’ll pass on something if I’m just not feeling it, or if there’s a scheduling conflict.

Odyssey: You have kept everything you do firmly under your control to include music, production (TaraSuz Records), public presence, social media, etc. While most bands farm this out and are eager to be signed, you have embraced precisely the opposite. How has this been working for you? Positives and negatives?

Tara: This has been working very well, thus far. The positives are that I am in total control of all aspects of what I do. The negatives are that it takes a lot of time to manage and the expenses come out of my own pocket! But I think I’m a very worthy investment. Hahaha!

Odyssey: Obviously being extremely self-motivated and driven, what are some of your short term and long term goals with your music?

Tara: In the short-term, I’m really just focused on getting this album finished. In the long term, I plan to make many more! I’ll shred till I’m dead! I would also like to get my music involved in film and television.

Odyssey: What has been your crowning achievement so far?

Tara: Writing every bit of every song on this album, executing it to the best of my ability and pulling all of my wonderful musician friends together to work on it with me.

Odyssey: I see that you have 2018 tour plans without dates so far. What are your show plans in support of “Evil Enough”?

Tara: I was hoping to be able to tour in 2017, but it looks more like 2018 at this point. The most important thing is to get the album released and go from there.

Odyssey: Knowing that touring is time and expense intensive, do you have any backing for this endeavor or are you running this solo as well?

Tara: I’m not saying I would be opposed to any backing, but I’m planning on trying to do it with my own resources.

Odyssey: You and I have much the same view of artists methods for making music a living (meet and greets, VIP passes, etc.). There are a number of reasons these forms of venture capitalism have emerged, be they good or bad from the opposing perspectives of bands and fans. What is your current view of the Music/Metal scene in general? What would be your proposal(s) for fixing what ails it?

Tara: I really think in this world full of social media and technology at everybody’s fingertips, it is pointless to complain about the consumers having more power and access to the artist. I choose to embrace it all. The the days of big recording contracts are over. The artist now has direct contact with the consumer and all it costs is time, energy and a talent for promotion. As far as VIP meet and greets are concerned, I am all for it. Music is our business. It’s how we make a living. Any path for revenue related to our art is fine with me. As long as there is a demand, I’ll always be here to supply.

Odyssey: As with any of our interviews, you get the final word; and…. GO!

Tara: Final word?….ok, here goes…

The music I make is for my love of the art and from the depths of my heart. Don’t compare me to anybody. There’s no better and there’s no worse. We are all unique in our own ways. And always know this….it’s never too late.

More on Tara Lynch can be found on Web  Facebook


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