HIGHLY SUSPECT Release ‘Little One’ [Official Video]

Ever felt like rock bands lost their touch to their routs or that bands don’t sound like original rock? if so, i have very good news for you. Highly Suspect maintains the oh so good original rock sound like no band has. They are an American band of 3 with Johnny Stevens on the lead vocals as well as the guitar, Rich on the bass and doing backing vocals and Ryan Meyer on the drum and also on the backing vocals. They have been around for 8 years now, they started out as a bar cover band and made 4 EP’s. First one they made is ‘First Offense’ which didn’t really do it for the audience. After releasing another 3 EP’s ‘The Gang Lion’, ‘The Worst Humans’ and ‘Black Ocean’ the band created their debut album ‘Mister Asylum’ which opened everyone’s eyes and made people go nuts. People just started realizing how amazing this band is. Not only the audience started to see the bands potential but also The Grammy Awards started to see how huge this band is. They nominated ‘Mister Asylum’ for Best Rock Album of the year 2015 and they made it to the 58th place! After this huge breakthrough the band finally got the followers they truly deserved. 1 year later and full with energy and passion they released another album on the 18th of November ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’ via 300 Entertainment.

Now the moment we have all been waiting for, the release of their video for the song ”Little One” that claims a spot on their last album ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’. It is a follow-up to ”My Name Is Human” which was nominated for Best Rock Song by The Grammy Awards. Now let’s talk about ”Little One”, it’s about love slipping through the cracks. The feeling you have when you lose someone very close to you like a best friend, family member or your lover. The woman that the video displays is the ”Little one”, Madison Parker. Johnny Stevens is the main person, the person the whole video revolves around. Johnny is displayed as the manager who is at his breaking point. The other band members are the policemen that are after Johnny. You see him walking through a lot of places and practically going insane. He doesn’t have a clue on where to go or what to do. While the policemen are still trying to find him he gets in a fight with someone because he just demolished the place where he was just walking through. After leaving the place he stumbles upon a car with a woman, the little one. But 1 moment later the policemen arrive and drag him away from her and that’s the end of the video. What the band is trying to say is that the band members are actually pulling Johnny away from Madison in real life too. Just like they did in the music video. This video has been directed by Johnny himself with assistance of DJay Brawner.

The album ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’ has been out since last year but you can still buy it HERE. And for tour dates and tickets click HERE. Be fast because some shows are already sold out!

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