HATEBREED’s Frank Novinec, “America has finally caught on with the European festivals”

HATEBREED is one of the most known and successful hardcore bands that emerged from the 90s. Coming out of New Haven, Connecticut HATEBREED has unleashed 7 studio albums to date, most recently ‘The Concrete Confessional on May 13, 2016. Vocalist Jamie Jasta and bassist Chris Beattie are the only surviving original members over the course of the band’s seminal 20+ years of worldwide hardcore dominance. ‘The Concrete Confessional‘ marks their return to the hardcore forefront after the release of 2013’s ‘The Divinity of Purpose‘. Ensuing the release of their new album the band has commenced and is already touring the entire world under the banner of The Concrete Confessional World Tour. Currently, playing North America with death metal legends DYING FETUS, CODE ORANGE and TWITCHING TONGUES. Right after this N. American tour, the hardcore outfit will head out for an European starting next year in January.

So for this week’s Talk Toomey Podcast, Joshua caught up with Frank Novinec who’s the current guitarist for HATEBREED. Frank Novinec joined the band in 2006 and it has been 11 years since that and he has contributed on every album ever since. Frank earlier was a member of hardcore outfit from the 80s, INTEGRITY, and also an ex-RINGWORM and ex-TERROR member. All of which are hardcore acts from the United States. Frank talks about the recent demise of the famed Warped Tour, how George Lopez was booed on the Kiss Cruise, how he almost lost all hope of joining a band and “was ready to go back to the regular work” and how he was “done” etc. But what really stood out from the interview is his opinion on the recent booming of the weekend long festivals in the United States, upon which he states, “America has finally caught on with the European weekend long festivals“. He opines as such when asked about whether big weekend festivals like Chicago Open Air, Rocklahoma, Welcome To Rockville and Rock On The Range have taken a chunk out of the summer tours like the Warped Tour which might be one of the reasons for its demise. He also goes on to state how these fests “every year seem to get bigger and bigger” which has brought America to an even ground among their European counterparts. He comments that the best thing about the European weekend-long music festival is the sense of adventure it sparks. He continues stating that it must be wild for festival-goers to get an auto loan from a site similar to Autofinance Online, so that they can rock out with their favorite bands while living in a camper.

Do you agree with what Frank says? Check out the podcast below at around 37:37 where Frank speaks about the rise of American weekend long festivals.


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