DOYLE Brings Horror To The Stage In Minneapolis! [Review & Photo Gallery]


Doyle is currently on tour supporting the 2017 release “Doyle II: As We Die”. The horror punk outfit was welcomed to Minneapolis by its hardcore followers for a night of adrenaline-fueled music.

At nine o’clock a massive figure came out of the shadows and took the stage. The one and only Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, of Misfits fame, stood just inches from me as he holstered his custom made guitar, the black sharp edged “Annihilator”, and began to attack it. Maybe it was the platform boots, the paint on his face, the size of his muscles, or the devilock hairstyle but I was in complete awe. The amps came to life as they kicked into “Abominator” and then “Beast Like Me”.


The first portion of the show I don’t think I took my eyes of Doyle. He pounded on his guitar while blowing huge bubbles with his gum. Throughout all my years of shows, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that combination on a stage before. The skull logo was in full display on just about everything you could see which included amps, guitars, armbands, guitar strap and picks, and even the weight bench that was beside the stage. For those looking for an Easter egg in all the imagery, a picture of Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) was at the very tip of the guitar headstock. His guitar tone was like a buzz saw as he circled around his side of the stage while powering through the riffs.


The songs rattled off the set-list in rapid fire. “Headhunter”, “Witchcraft”, and “Dreamingdeadgirls” kept the intensity high as each song was introduced as a “love song” by vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story. Despite Doyle casting such a shadow over the rest of the members, Story carved out his own identity with his humor and reckless approach to the songs. He was a burst of high octane as he paced the stage and pulled microphones down. At one point he hit floor while still spitting out lyrics with a venomous bite.

I moved over to the side of the stage that bassist Brandon Strate commanded. I had to dodge some of the human pinball’s to get there as “Cemeterysexxx”, “We Belong Dead”, “Valley Of Shadows”, and “Mark Of The Beast” blared at top volume. Strate along with drummer Wade Murff provided the platform for Doyle and Story to shine. The rhythm section was tight and they brought more energy to a stage that was already at max capacity.

The set wound down all to quickly. “Show No Mercy”, “King Of The Undead” and the closer “Hope Hell Is Warm” finished as the clock struck ten. It seemed like only minutes ago the band had took the stage and all of a sudden they were gone. Thirteen songs in sixty minutes but Doyle made every minute count. If Doyle is coming your way it’s well worth your time to check them out. It’s one thing to see Doyle in photographs and a whole different experience seeing it live…trust me.

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