DISTURBED Evolution Tour Rolls Through Nashville! [Review & Photos]


The, “Music City,” of Nashville, Tennessee has always been a household name to some of the most famous classic Country and old time Rock and Roll artists of the 21st century, such as Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, and so on. One thing that many people don’t realize about this wonderful town is that it has a heavy metal scene that is alive and well, thriving at its peak. Bands such as Red and All Them Witches call this wonderful town home, and prove that honky tonk music isn’t the only thing it specializes in. The Bridgestone Arena alone has hosted some of the most legendary musicians ever from all over the world, and this night is no exception. Disturbed’s Evolution Tour made its way through the heart of Tennessee with direct support from Three Days Grace to a near sold out crowd.

Three Days Grace

 The night started off with a very energetic and rowdy group of rockers called Three Days Grace, opening the show with, “The Mountain,” the  triumphant lead single off their upcoming album, “Outsider.” Their opening moments of the show were quickly embraced by the Nashville audience, immediately chanting and singing along with the Ontario natives as they graced the large stage, commanding the crowd to mosh and dance. The Nashville crowd definitely followed directions well, as they turned the stillness moments before the beginning of the show into a mosh. Three Days Grace made sure to not come out all punch, however. Commanding the crowd to jump and sing in unison on the third song, “Good Life.” This energy carried all throughout their set up until the very end where they ended their rowdy and energetic set with two classics, “Animal I Have Become,” and, “Riot.” 


Three Days Grace are no pushovers as an opening act. They do a perfect job of getting every Disturbed one in every arena warmed up for their headliner. Disturbed begin their long-winded set with their single, “Are You Ready,” off of their new record, “Evolution,” quickly showing why even after doing what they do for as long as they have they’re still some of the best at it. At their age they still have all the talent and stage presence they had when, “The Sickness,” first released. The night rolls on with them playing a classic, “Prayer,” and wasting no time getting into pyrotechnics on the third song, “The Vengeful One.” Taking the tempos down a notch a few songs later with an emotional performance of, “Hold On To Memories,” in remembrance of fallen Rock musicians of our time.  Over the course of the night, they migrated to the center of the arena on a side stage for an intimate acoustic performance of, “A Reason To Fight,” and, “Watch You Burn.” Fan involvement was nothing short of spectacular that night as it seemed like every person in the entire arena seemingly knew every word to every song, especially on classics such as, “Ten Thousand Fists,” and “Inside The Fire.” The encore was nothing short of incredible, bringing a lucky fan on stage for, “The Light,” followed by, “Stricken,” “No More,” and essential song, “Down With The Sickness.” Disturbed easily proved to everyone in Nashville that night that Metal is alive and well and that even after so long into their careers they have some of the most dedicated fans on Earth. The Evolution tour is coming to a city near you, and you don’t wanna miss it! 


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