CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR Live In Somerset, UK [Review & Photo Gallery]

Confession of a Traitor

Last Friday (June 15th, 2018), I managed to catch Confession of a Traitor live at The Cobblestones in Somerset, UK. When I turned up I thought, “Wow! Four bands for a £5 bargain, right on my doorstep, and with an awesome line up!” Support came from female fronted local band, Dremora who played a solid set.

Next up were Mithra. What a mixture of styles vocalist Josh Longworth has. At times, reminds me of early Ollie Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon with his screaming vocals, but this chap also has a great singing voice for the melodic choruses. The whole band get stuck in playing live. Bass player, Henry Stone cuts through from time to time with that Primus twang which really suits this Glastonbury metal band – one very talented bass player for sure.  The band put on a great show. Check YouTube for their video of “Survival.” You will not be disappointed!

Confession of a Traitor

Third on the bill were Remenitions, hailing from Hull in the UK. As soon as they started you could hear these guys have their live sound dialed in. This also might have something to do with the in-house sound, as that’s what Cobblestones is about. The guitar and bass for this band is out of this world – okay, it’s very similar to Loathe‘s sound but that’s not a bad thing. A lot of bands have this similar tone right now and the fact that vocalist Robert Kirk doesn’t sound like them gives them their own unique style. Definitely well worth checking out at all the web-based social media places.

Confession of a Traitor

So down to the main reason I’m here. I’ve been meaning to check out London-based band, Confessions of a Traitor live for some time now. I first become aware of them through my many hours on YouTube. Their video came on whilst I was on my laptop and I looked up at the TV and was hooked. When I noticed they were playing at my local venue I had to get down there and cover this for Metal Nexus readers. The band travelled seven hours to be here and the crowd were so glad they made the commute.

From the get-go, vocalist Stephen MacConville was hyped up and within seconds was out in the crowd getting them all moving. I love a challenge, but vocalist Steve is tough to take photos of – I’m not gonna lie – but hey, it’s all about the performance so that’s my problem. They did a solid set of nine tracks delivered with the biggest punch to the chest from the sound monitors, including tracks like “Illuminating the Night,” “Scavengers”, “The Wolf the Pack,” and “In Darkness.”  Steve’s vocal delivery is so perfect and just as good as the recording – without a shadow of doubt – shouting and screaming to perfection.  I respect a vocalist who can deliver live. He has an awesome melodic singing voice even when moving around the stage and running in the crowd at 100 miles per hour. Hats off to you, sir!

Confession of a Traitor

Both guitarists were laying down the amazing riffs this band has and they have a lot of catchy tracks. To play that technical whilst moving the way these guys do is something to see. Bassist, Tony Nagle also throws down a great backing vocal. Whilst playing bass like a trooper, he was shouting at the crowd and moving around the stage, owning it whilst Steve was in the crowd.

Drummer, Seb Olrog makes his drumming look easy but it’s far from it. He’s got some technical double bass drum parts – rather than the normal double bass – all the way through.  He plays to the riffs like a pro, throwing in little triplets on the feet with cheeky double bass here and there which gets you moving. The drummer is the main reason for you bouncing and jumping at shows. Okay, I might be biased as I’m a drummer, but credit where it’s due. Awesome job, Seb!

Confessions of a Traitor wrapped the night up with a personal favorite track of mine, “Through Struggle.” If you’re looking for something new to listen to, I urge you to give this band a listen – find them on Facebook or YouTube. They have done really well and have a great following. I wish them all the success for the future. Let’s get behind these fellas and help get them headlining main stages everywhere. They have supported bands like Bury Tomorrow, Gallows, Architects, and Blessthefall – and rightfully so – but now it’s their time.




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