CLUTCH Gets Culinary With New Single “Hot Bottom Feeder” and “Book of Bad Decisions” Preorder Bundle


Maryland stoner rock band Clutch are releasing a preorder for their upcoming record Book of Bad Decisions. This “Limited Edition Collectors Bundle” includes a rare picture disc LP, flask, flag, shirt, long sleeve and a hatchet with autograph box. That’s right, I said a mother fucking hatchet! These gnarly bundles will be delivered on or before the albums September 7th release date. This bundle can be found on the band’s site.

Clutch has also released the third single from this record, entitled “Hot Bottom Feeder”. This catchy track includes a video that will lay the likes of Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri in the ground. Part rock and roll, part informative crab cake recipe, these Chesapeake boys want to show us seafood done right! Vocalist Neil Fallon puts on an apron, singing step by step instructions on good old Maryland crab cake. Explaining that the best crab does not come in a can or another Vietnam, but right in the Chesapeake Bay. This track fills the appetite of your stomach and your ears. This fun song makes you want to fry up some grab and have a cold one this summer.

Each single on the album is paired by a Spotify playlist curated by a member of the band. Bassist Dan Maines says, “Check out our latest release Hot Bottom Feeder and beat the heat with these stone cold classics.” Book of Bad Decisions is out September 7th via Weathermaker Music. Follow Clutch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more rock and roll.

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