Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD) Opens Up About Surgery & Recovery [Post Op Photo]

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler has recently took some time away from the band as they have been direct support for Slayer on their final world tour. In July it was announced that Prong and Winds of Plague drummer Art Cruz would replace Adler on the tour but there wasn’t any explanation given as to why Adler was being temporarily replaced. Today the drummer revealed why he has been absent and updated fans on his current status. Chris explains he was involved in a motorcycle accident late last year and has been recovering ever since. Stating “I had a motorcycle accident late last year that shattered my collarbone and right shoulder and also chipped bones in my hip.” Even though he was able to play a few shows earlier this year, he had to step down once again due to issues he experienced related to his injury. He has since had surgeries to help correct the damage. As well as the surgeries, he has been strict with his diet, even including supplements like resveratrol powder to ensure his bones heal properly and that is body is getting all of the nutrients it needs.

Chances are high that he contacted a legal firm such as lamber goodnow to assist with medical funds due to the loss of income from that portion of the tour. Motorcycling accidents can be extremely dangerous and often result in injury. If you become involved in such an incident then it may be a good idea to contact someone like this motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles to help you in the aftermath. You can read Adler’s entire status below and also see a picture of his post surgery scar. We certainly wish Chris the best and hope to see him back behind the kit as quick as possible.

About his accident, recent surgery and post surgery recovery Adler has stated the following via Facebook:

Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of well wishes in response to my current absence from the Lamb of God shows. I’m humbled to know how many and how much you care.

I had a motorcycle accident late last year that shattered my collarbone and right shoulder and also chipped bones in my hip. While surgery corrected the broken bones and I was able to play earlier this year, I experienced some issues related to the injuries that needed to be addressed with a rigorous schedule of physical and occupational therapy which, is what I have been doing regularly since July. I am making great progress in addition to playing/practicing every day.

Playing drums is what I do and refuse to do it poorly. I will be back behind the kit ASAP. Thanks again for the love! See you soon, Chris

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