ANCIENT VVISDOM Released Track “Light Of Lucifer” From Their Upcoming Album!


Ancient VVisdom teased us a couple days ago with the release of ”Light Of Lucifer” of the upcoming album ”33” that is set to release on the 13th of October!

It all started with the debut ‘A Godlike Inferno’ and I can assure you, the album is as good as the name sounds. The later released piece ‘Deathlike’ got them a brand new label: Prostheric Records. If this wasn’t already enough of a boost in the right direction the album ‘Sacrificial’ got out. It is heavily chugged while remaining the utter emotional vibe the band always had. But on the 28th of August they released the first single ”Light Of Lucifer” from the upcoming album ’33’. It is truly a masterpiece and I expect no less from the full album, which will be out on the 13th of October this very year. Check the fresh released song out right below, it is magical!

Pre-order the album ”33” here.

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