ALICE COOPER Dominated The Stage In Bristow, Virginia [Photo Gallery]

Alice Cooper

Finally I had a chance to photograph and review a show of the legendary Alice Cooper, who brought the horror to Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia. This is the third time I’ve seen Alice Cooper in Bristow, and I have enjoyed every single one of them, for there is never a dull moment in his show. Here is a guy who sent bone chilling shock waves through the spines of many a 70’s parents. Alice Cooper has been in the music industry for over fifty years. Here is a guy who redefined the world of shock rock, and is still delivering rock and horror with aplomb to the legion of his fans around the globe. And one can clearly see that here is a guy who truly enjoys being on the road playing in front of his fans. Alice Cooper needs no new spectacle, the classic ones are still as good as they used to be in the heydays of the 70’s. They need no improvisation. The theatrics and the energy on the stage flow effortlessly as it always has, the show is just perfect. All Alice Cooper needs to do is to show up on the stage with his band, and pick up the microphone.

Alice Cooper

After seeing him several times throughout the years you usually see some changes in a singers abilities, but not with dear ole Alice. His voice has not changed a bit since my first experience seeing him live, one in which he was supporting the mighty Iron Maiden. His wooden cane which he appears with on stage demands as much attention as the guitar work (and stage presence) of Nita Strauss and the other guitarists. Cooper has always had amazing guitar players throughout his decades of releasing music and playing live. Over the years he has had a tremendous amount of talented guitarists some which include Bob Kulick ([Producer], Kiss, Motorhead), Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Joe Satriani (Deep Purple, Chickenfoot), Kane Roberts (Status Quo, Berlin), Mike Pinera (Iron Butterfly) and Davey Johnstone (Elton John). Even the recent film “Hired Gun” talks briefly about how Cooper goes out and hires the best riff master he can find. Since 2014 the axe slinger for the band has been Nita Strauss, and she isn’t just one of the best female guitar players in music today but in general she is one of the best and wipes the floor with most competition. Her stage presence and furious fret work is one thing that cranks an Alice Cooper show up to 11. Of course the stage show gives you much more than music.  The guillotine, the stabbing during “Only Women Bleed”, the appearance of Frankenstein, the wad of cash in billion dollar babies all made appearances. Want more horror and creepy stuff in your life? You should follow the Facebook page of Alice Cooper to get a constant doze of “the creeps”. The master of shock rock is still the best in the business with no competitor or true successor after four decades. While he has shown no signs of slowing down with long tours every single summer, watch the spectacle while you can, for there won’t be anything like Alice Cooper once he leaves the scene. “Have a great summer and terrible nightmare”, signed off Alice Cooper at the end of his set. Can’t wait for next summer to see the legend Alice Cooper grace the stage yet again and hopefully without any nightmares until then!


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