Review: SILENT PLANET – ‘Everything Was Sound’

Silent Planet is a metalcore band from Azusa, California and are currently signed with Solid State Records. They formed in 2009 and recorded their first album, ‘Come Wind, Come Weather’ in 2011 with Matt Goldman in Atlanta, Georgia. Their second album, ‘Everything Was Sound’, was released in July of 2016.‘Everything Was Sound’, is exactly what you’re looking for if what you’re looking for is darkness. In their sophomore album you’ll find haunting music and brutally honest lyrics that feel very personal. Vocalist/lyricist Garrett Russell is quoted, “So many people feel completely alone. This album was inspired by the people I’ve interacted with who feel like nobody can or wants to understand them.” With each song you, as the listener, are taken on a journey of pain and emptiness. A descent into the nothingness that the disenfranchised call home. Utilizing a surprising mix of orchestral melodies, driving guitar, thundering drums, and screaming vocals, they’ve created something pretty damn good. Think Linkin Park if they were really angry and had something relevant to say.

“Panic Room”, is by far the best song on the album. Due to the nature of the song, it should almost have a trigger warning attached for anyone who suffers from PTSD, as it beautifully describes the inner struggle of living with the disorder. When I look at the lead vocalist, I think to myself – I have t-shirts older than that dude! But, there’s a wisdom and insight that is reflected not only in the intelligent and empathetic lyrics, but also in his passion. He feels it, and so you feel it. I believe the one lyric says it all – “Justify my endless terror as my “finest hour.” As someone who was diagnosed with PTSD over 10 years ago, that perfectly describes “the early days” of the disorder. Where you feel alone, helpless, and constantly afraid. I can’t help but to be impressed by this young man.

Track 2. Psychescape (featuring Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath) opens with screaming vocals and immediately descends into another cautionary tale. From start to finish it thunders through with a driving force that is both unsettling and beautiful. The backup vocals, which are soft and serene, add a balance to the song one wouldn’t expect. There’s a longing and despair here, but it’s also kind of empowering when you hear it.

Track 10. Orphan opens with the themed operatic melody you’ll find throughout the album, but in this case, it seems to take on religion. The “man’s inhumanity to man” argument. What I find the most intriguing, is one of the final lines – “Inshallah, Shalom”. Roughly translated, it means god willing, peace.  It speaks to me (personal opinion only) how damaging religion can be, and how we can all relate to each other and live in peace with mutual understanding and respect – IF we’re willing to. It’s one to listen to.

Powerful lead vocals offset melodies that almost have an operatic vibe to them. But, make no mistake, this is definitely metalcore and the message is clear – I’m here! See me! I matter!

It’s obvious that Silent Planet is quickly becoming the SJW’s of metal; giving a voice to the voiceless and ignored. Forcing people to look where they would normally turn away. They’re officially in my personal playlist and I’m happy to have discovered this up and coming metal group with a social conscience. So many have the opportunity, yet so few take the task at hand. They have, and they’ve run with it!

Based in California, Silent Planet consists of Garret Russell, (vocals) Spencer Keene (guitar) Thomas Freckleton  (bass, vocals) Mitchell Stark  (guitar) Alex Camarena (drums)


1. “Inherit the Earth” 3:48
2. “Psychescape” (featuring Spencer Chamberlain ofUnderoath) 3:06
3. “Dying in Circles” 2:58
4. “Understanding Love as Loss” 3:26
5. “Tout Comprendre” 0:51
6. “Panic Room” 3:59
7. “REDIVIDEЯ” 3:10
8. “Nervosa” (featuring Cory Brandan Putman of Norma Jean) 3:48
9. “C’est tout Pardonner” 2:11
10. “Orphan” 3:47
11. “No Place to Breathe” 2:37
12. “First Father” 4:26
13. “Inhabit the Wound” 3:31

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