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Sometimes you come across a band and you start listening to their music and you just don’t want to stop. This is what has happened to me when I discovered the Finland based band I, Captain. The band was formed by Axel (Vocals, Bass), Viktor (Drums) and Andreas (Guitar) in 2013. It was a year later that Lukas (Guitar) became the final addition to the band and really completed their sound. It would only take the band a couple years to release their debut in January 2015. The EP titled ‘Surf the Supernova’ was 5 tracks of mesmerizing Psychedelic stoner rock. The band recently followed up their 2015 EP with the 3 track demo ‘Mantras for Mindlessness’. They released these 3 songs in April of 2016 and advised the songs will be re-recorded for their upcoming album release.


The albums starts off with these delicately eerie guitar sounds on the track “Mantra” and it keeps your interest peeked through the nearly 10 minute long track. “Mantra” is the track that starts out slowly and leads you into these dark psychedelic catacombs of sound that have an extra helping of groove. I was hooked before the vocals ever came into play. The instrumentation was done so well it would take some amazing vocals to be on the same level. The chant like singing brought another element to the overall sound and was a welcomed addition. Track 2 beings with some feedback. It’s like most great grunge songs use to end with it, this one uses it as an introduction to the song. The song “Stugon pt. II” has a psychedelic riff and cymbal tap that just begins the flow of the song and continues into a straight up rock out. The distorted riffs later on in the song have this tone that just makes you grit your teach and head bang. The vocal style here is much more a focal point and is beautifully melodic. The final track “Care” speeds things up with a much faster pace riffing. The vocals presented here are again a little different. The band really mixes things up so nothing is repetitive, but they are alike enough to keep you focused on their style. The only bad part about this EP is that it only has 3 songs. I, Captain has certainly exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to hear more of what they have to offer. Feel free to check out the EP on Bandcamp below, and check out their previous release ‘Surf the Supernova’.

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