German Officials Accuse RAMMSTEIN For Going Too Far With ‘Holocaust’ Imagery In New Video

RAMMSTEIN and controversy are a no alien couple after all these years of explicit and shock rock performances. So much so that, even before the much anticipated new music video is out, the sword of controversy and allegations are looming on the band’s head. Despite the trailer having shown any direct explicit reference to the Holocaust, a number of public figures have already spoken out against the video. Talk about judging a book by its cover!

Government officials and Jewish leaders have condemned the German metal band RAMMSTEIN for apparently referencing Holocaust imagery in their new music video. The teaser clip which was released two days back showed frontman Till Lindemann and his troop dressed in striped prison uniforms, with nooses around their necks.

It is ridiculous because even before the video is out, which by the way premieres today, German newspaper Bild, translated via Reuters, quoted a number of leading public figures who spoke out against the video. German government’s commissioner for anti-semitism, Felix Klein said that it was “tasteless exploitation of artistic freedom“, while Charlotte Knobloch, felt that the band had “crossed a line” with the new video. Charlotte is the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

The instrumentalisation and trivialisation of the Holocaust, as shown in the images, is irresponsible,” she further went on to add.

RAMMSTEIN haven’t really been reverting back to these comments as of late. Anyways, the new video, “Deutschland” is expected to air this evening in a few hours. This would be the band’s seventh album, which is still untitled, and some new music to the fans after a whole long decade. The album drops on the 17th of May, the band has confirmed.

While the commoners might keep on blabbering, I am sure we metalheads barely care about this mudslinging game. It’s RAMMSTEIN releasing new music after an aeon and we couldn’t care less about anything else. Stay tuned for the new video!


[via Independent]

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