Hey there! Today we are premiering the debut album, ‘Coalesce‘ by NYC/London-based, prog/alt metal project, ASCENDING DAWN. The record releases tomorrow i.e. on the 1st of December and we thought we’d let you a good chance to take a sneak peak into the album before it officially releases and hits your nearest record stores. So, ASCENDING DAWN is a progressive metal project spearheaded by the multi talented Marlain Angelides. She has successfully planted her feet in every endeavour she has chosen and emerged victorious, some of her accolades are she’s a graduate of London’s Royal Academy of Music, previous vocalist of a top-charting Greek pop band, Hi-5, West End performer, representative of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, and background vocalist for world-touring acts. She is also the current front-woman of the all-girls Led Zeppelin band, LEZ ZEPPELIN, showcasing her wide range of vocal talents that drive the heavy yet melodic sound of Ascending Dawn.That is some major feathers on her hat!

ASCENDING DAWN comprises of members who met each other coincidentally from several other projects. The band members are Marlain Angelides, Owen Rees, Mark Weatherly and Jen “Connie” Fletcher. Within three weeks all the vocal lines and lyrics to ‘Coalesce‘ were written and production began. ‘Coalesce‘ was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (ex-TEXTURES) at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam. Connie left the project, as she left to go home to Australia but remains a friend and major contributor to the debut album’s mix of metal, prog and melodic hard rock. Rees and Weatherley remain in London, contributing their writing and production of Ascending Dawn from afar as Angelides paves the way in the US.

Releasing tomorrow ‘Coalesce‘ is the debut record by ASCENDING DAWN and really packs in some punch. It is groovy, heavy, melodic and very progressive of it’s fabric. Greek/Cypriot/British singer Marlain Angelides absolutely kills it by melding her serenading and melodious clean vocals with the band’s heavy and chuggy music, which in itself presents a perfectly balanced contrast. Just exactly what you need to hear to get through your day. Comprising ten tracks in total, ‘Coalesce‘ is a wonderful debut to kick things off for the band. The tracks maintain a lovely ambient atmosphere, thanks to Marlain’s vocals. The guitar parts are very down tuned and it emulates the djent sound which definitely seems like a lot of bands are trying to perfect and the fans are getting on it for sure. Connie plays amazing bass, its loud and thundering and serves as the perfect back bone for the entire song. Mark does justice to the record with those perfectly timed snare and crash cymbal hits, a major component of the band’s tasty grooves. Sing along rhythms, melodic ambient sections and heavy & groovy sonic atrocity with soothing vocals that almost bring some pop vibe to the record. I think it’s one very strong record to end 2017 with. Check it out!

Till now, the band has released three songs as singles, but today we get you the full album stream and we hope you like it. Make sure to get a copy of the album from the bandcamp link below by pre-ordering it. Also don’t forget to support the band on Facebook as well!

Happy streaming!

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