Watch GONE IN APRIL’s WW2 Inspired New Music Video Feat. TESTAMENT/DEATH Bassist Steve Di Giorgio

GONE IN APRIL, the symphonic melodic death metal ensemble from Canada-USA, releases a WW II inspired music video for ‘As Hope Welcomes Death‘, filmed and edited by Norwegian artist Thomas Mortveit. The song ‘As Hope Welcomes Death‘ is taken from the band’s sophomore album ‘Threads of Existence‘, recorded at WaveTransform Studio, USA.

The video features the emotionally gripping story of a soldier injured at war. At the infirmary, a new battle takes place, where he lies between life and death, both represented by aerial acrobats. The story line is complimented well by the excellent musicianship and playing. I really have to say this the drum work on this song has been beyond imagination, rapid paced double bass along with fast impounding drumming and cymbal work has made the drumming stand out in this song in my opinion. As the video is about to pull the curtains down, Steve Di Giorgio pulls out an excellent bass finger work, thus stating his repertoire of work. The guitar work and growls have been excellently done. The female vocals and the violin add a ghastly and macabre aura to the song. I won’t be a spoiler. Just go ahead and watch the video below!

The band features musicians of TESTAMENT, DEATH, QUO VADIS, MÄRCHENBILDER and VIVALDI METAL PROJECT and combines elements of symphonic, death, speed and folk metal in a compelling and aggressive blend sure to please a wide range of audience.

Threads of Existence‘ can be purchased through the official WaveTransform store HERE as well as on iTunes.

1. Dawn of Time
2. The Curtain Will Rise
3. Our Future Line
4. Remember the Days
5. As Hope Welcomes Death
6. Embracing the Light
7. A Million Souls Gather
8. Relentless
9. The Great Contemplation
10. The Will to End a Life

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