Stormlurker – A New Twist On Deja Vu


Metal is definitely a family affair. It is simply amazing who you meet by simply wearing your favorite band shirt out in public. Well, lucky me, recently I was out and about wearing my PanteraCFH” shirt and was complimented on my good taste in music and clothing by an enormous wall of a man. Since fellow Metalheadz know no strangers we struck up an easy conversation about all-things-Rock and Heavy Metal. Turns out we both love the same types of Metal and play guitar (alright, I noodle anymore). Cool, right? Well, I’ll be damned! Turns out I was speaking with Ohio’s Norselaw guitarist Deryck Heignum who, like me, moved south to get away from the cold and he has started a new band down here. I let him know that I wrote for MN and would love to check out his band. After exchanging info, we parted on the best of terms. The following day I received an email with his bands information and links. Holy shit! I was not prepared for such a spectacular release. Stormlurker absolutely destroys!

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