CATATONIC PROFANATION Releases ‘Euphoric Dismemberment’ On January 4th!

After the late 2017 release of ‘Parasitic Devourment’ came out I was instantly hooked with the oh so brutal waves which Catatonic Profanation brings but after hearing his up and coming record ‘Euphoric Dismemberment’ I was totally stunned. Check out why!

I have been following SLAM WORLDWIDE for a really long time now but after hearing ‘Parasitic Devourment’ I slowly began to realise what the channel was missing and after getting my hands on the upcoming record Euphoric Dismemberment’ I was certain.  

Let’s first talk about the boring yet essential sides of the album. It contains 3 tracks and the official release date is set on on the 4th of January via SLAM WORLDWIDE & his bandcamp page. Check the channel out here and visit his bandcamp page right here.

The first track is called ”Stench Of Rotting Flesh” and it features Mac Soteros of Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark and holy shit what is this brutal. If anyone would ask me what brutal stands for I would direct them to this very song. The mix on the other hand is nothing to left out either, the main focus is clearly set on the vocals but the instrumentals are still clearly present in the mix as well. Just all around a proper filthy song!

Moving on to the second song we have ”Drowned In Vermin Seepage” and just by spending 2 seconds looking at the title I knew that this one would be the best one on the record and I was right. It features Niko Apostolakis, known for his famous projects Until We Die & Left To Drown, and what does the combination of him and Anthony sound just out of this world. But it doesn’t just sound all around great together, it also sounds the best seperated. As much as I love the combination I very much enjoy hearing them by oneself on the song. So either way you are in for a wild ride!

”Manipulated Offerings” (Ft. Reece Curtis of Cannabyss) is the last one but centainly worth mentioning. Just the intro vocals alone would make you buy the entire piece but after some time it will crush your spine and sever your soul so you better make that decision fast because there isn’t a lot of time.

Read below about what Anthony had to say about the record:

”With this EP compared to Parasitic Devourment I ventured out and tried alot of new things vocal wise and little bit instrumentally but overall tried to keep a similar sound.”

So stay tuned for the official release of Euphoric Dismemberment’ which will, again, be available via SLAM WORLDWIDE & bandcamp on the 4th of January!

Anthony Leasgang – Drums/Guitar/Bass/Vocals

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