URSINNE Premiere “Bullet Bitten” And Features The Voice Of Lemmy Kilmister!

Dave Ingram And Jonny Petterson Of Ursinne

It doesn’t get bigger than this. Two death metal legends, who’ve been around for over 20 years actively in the scene, come together to record a jaw-dropping debut under the moniker of URSINNE. Dave Ingram who has been a part of BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, HAIL OF BULLETS and more recently ECHELON joins forces with Jonny Pettersson who has been equally active with his death metal bands WOMBBATH, JUST BEFORE DAWN, ASHCLOUD and of late the critically-acclaimed HENRY KANE. Together they churn out the heaviest kind of death metal that is rife with classic appeal and flavour. ‘Swim With The Leviathan‘, their debut and is a lesson in death metal glory that encapsulates everything that makes the genre timeless.

The new song “Bullet Bitten” sounds intense, heavy and very true to the classic death metal roots. It’s an excellent song written for, and dedicated to, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister of MOTORHEAD who unfortunately passed away on 28th December, 2015. Lemmy never liked people associating his act with metal but I for one, am sure that he wouldn’t mind URSINNE dedicating this song in his memory. And guess what!? The song has Lemmy Kilmister‘s voice in it, as in two excerpts of him talking about how he loves women, where he can be heard saying, “I don’t care… I just love women..”, “I’ve always treated them how I’d like to be treated in general…”, as Jonny Pettersson belts out the grueling buzzsaw like riffs on his guitars. Lemmy and death metal, who’d have ever thought eh? Swim With The Leviathan comes out this August on the 20th, via Transcending Obscurity RecordsURSINNE has also covered four classic influential 80s songs on this album. Watch them how they add a death metal flavor to them. This album truly sounds like a beast who’s about to go on a rampage.

Pre-Order Swim With The Leviathan‘ here.

Stream the new song, “Bullet Bitten” down below:

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