THE PLOT IN YOU Singer “I’d Rather People Get To Know Me Through My Art Than My Shitty Facebook Posts”.

Ohio’s The Plot In You have quietly become a band causing quite the stir in the scene since coming out from the ashes of Before Their Eyes in 2011.  Multi instrumentalist/vocalist Landon Tewers has steered the 4 piece through 4 full lengths with their most recent, 2018’s Dispose, seeing the band drop the traditional metalcore sound and go more in a heavier alt rock direction. This was also the first album Tewers did not produce himself.

Landon sits down with co host Jon and talks about the bands new direction on their latest record, Dispose, how that progression came about. How their label felt about the shift in sound and if there were any issues with getting on tours that made sense for the band.

We also touch on Tewers being more of a private person and the duality of him being an artist who performs and is known, but also dealing with the fame side of things and more.

Watch the full interview below:



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