State Of The Art: RIFT! [Album Streams]

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Nebraska!

Coming all the way from Nebraska is the 2 piece instrumental doom metal act Rift. With just 2 complete studio records and 1 live record they make it seem so easy to write and produce 3 stellar pieces in a row!

Starting off right with the first piece called ‘Rift Volume 1’. With just a little over 17 min they manage to showcase everything the band stands for and even though it is the first record it has included everything we know and love about doom metal. And what I love most about this piece is how fast and hard it goes, it has no limits and no boundaries at all. It just takes off to be never seen again.

Most impressive one might just be their first and only live album which has been engineered and recorded by Monte Peck at Duggan’s Pub in Lincoln NE. Just one month before they closed their doors forever! Check the full thing out below!

Most recent release ‘Saros’ got out April 2016 but it stands strong even today. Compared to ‘Rift Volume 1’ it is very slow and calming but that doesn’t take away the charm nor the spirit of Rift. Instead it is a huge improvement and a big step towards the bands profound sound. The problem with the doom metal genre, at least in my eyes, is that it needs to have some catchy and rhythm changing riffs to keep me focused. It needs to have a certain appeal, otherwise it will sound blank and boring but with Rift that isn’t an issue at all. The guitar riffs are tardy yet great headbanging material while the drum keeps it very interesting to listen to. Every song has it’s own sound yet fits in perfectly with the horde and the fact that it has no vocals only makes it better. The guitar and drum work alone is already enough to keep you entertained to the very end of the record.

Rift: Jon Baumann, Nathan Christensen

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