Robb Flynn “How Nobody [Everybody] Missed This Gigantic Rap Influence On Our Band I’ll Never Understand”

The man really needs no introduction, Machine Head’s guitarist and vocalist Robb Flynn. Machine Head first came on the scene in 1991 and released their debut album ‘Burn My Eyes’ which has been a staple of American groove and thrash lovers catalog. The band has went on to release 9 studio albums their most recent of which is titled ‘Catharsis’ that comes out January 26th via Nuclear Blast Records. The album is the long awaited follow up to 2004’s ‘Bloodstone and Diamonds’. Machine Head has already released the title track and “Beyond The Pale” from ‘Catharsis’ and with a total of 15 tracks on the album we can’t wait to hear what each and every track has to offer. Make sure to pick up the album at any music retailer on January 26th. 

On the first 2018 episode of Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast host Joshua Toomey welcomes Robb Flynn and the two have an hour long chat talking football, 90’s nostalgia, nu-metal and much more. ‘Catharsis’ has gotten some backlash from some media journalists because it has some rap influences within the album. Robb mentions “How No Body Missed This Gigantic Rap Influence On Our Band I’ll Never Understand” and he also notes how their first video for “Davidian” he had corn rows and pit bulls as they were walking through Oakland, “It was a rap video”. You can hear the entire chat with Robb below:



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