Review: Ape Cave “Pillars of Evolution” [Album Stream]


Artwork: Jason Raines

Ape Cave are a talented band from the musically rich city of Portland, Oregon. This month makes a year the band has been together and unlike other bands who take their sweet ass time releasing material Ape Cave doesn’t waste any time. Back in May the band released their debut which was a 3 song EP entitled ‘Primordium’. The moment I heard the EP I became obsessed with their sound. Just a little over 6 months the band is now releasing their full length album ‘Pillars of Evolution’.

The new album officially releasing the first day of 2016. The year is really getting off to a good start with this amazing album. The album begins with the mighty doom sounding track “Vesuvius”. The deep growl of singer Nathan Nielson helps showcase the darkness in their sound. The songs have this really theatrical type sound. Each note seems to be composed perfectly and would be an amazing soundtrack to some eerie film. It’s a mixture of both doom and psychedelia. The two styles really mutate into each other and what you get is a true original sound. The band doesn’t short you on instrumentation. A majority of the songs have killer instrumental parts that take hold of you and then when the vocals chime in it just seems that much more special. They don’t overdo anything, everything fits in the right place and is the correct dosage of what the song needs to kick ass. “Road to Ladakh” has this incredible lead in riff that is just so damn catchy. It’s one of those songs on an album where as soon as it’s over you have to listen to it again. Bassist Gage Dean and guitarist Paul McGaha tag team each song which is a vital part of their signature sound. Another stand out track on the album is “Pharaoh’s Eclipse” which starts out with this really old school classic rock type drumming by percussionist Bobby Rosson and then slows itself down into a sludgy groove. This track helps show various elements of the band’s sound and how their pace can change drastically. There is not a bad track on the album. Sometimes a band with just throw some filler songs in to put an album, but you won’t find any of that here. Any of these songs a truly strong enough to stand alone as a single. Don’t take my word for it of course, go listen to the EP on band camp here or the new single below and your mouth will be watering to hear the full length (which is streaming below). Ape Cave isn’t monkeying around, their music will take you hostage and fill your ears with beautifully composed greatness.

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