Review: ADNA – ‘Closure’ [Official Video]

German based, and Swedish native ADNA delivers some melodic yet haunting styling. ADNA is not rock, nor metal. A genre really can’t contain her creativity, but I would call her music folk haunting. Some artists try to cram as much sound into a song as possible, but not ADNA. I believe in her music what isn’t there is just as important as what is there. Musically simple and lyrically complex, the vibe from her music comes across so delicate and peaceful. Her music is simply like a palate cleanser. The melancholy within her music washes away all your worries and truly soothes your soul. ADNA has released her new album ‘Closure’. The album was written, recorded and produced entirely by ADNA herself in her Berlin apartment. Closure is ADNA’s fourth release for the Despotz label (after two full length albums and an Ep) and has garnered over thirty million Spotify streams to date as well as getting sync placements with top tier television shows such as the American TV series Bones. The dark, alternative pop songstress, who has been compared favorably to Daughter and Bon Iver amongst others. Regarding the single, she says, ““The song “Closure” was the result of an anxious period of time, but I remember it as something beautiful, because it finally gave me the closure I had been longing for, and also the title of the album.” The best thing you can truly do is to allow her music to speak to you, and speak to you it will.

The self-titled track welcomes us into the album. ADNA’s voice is like a comforting hug. Her soft tones take control of the song as the instrumentation in the song is more ambient and light rock. The emphasis is on the beat throughout the song. The constant bass drum best and clacking of drum sticks creates this constant foot tapping rhythm. Her hauntingly beautiful voice echoes through your ears. Her vocal volume also changes a few times creating some contrast during the song. The piano playing remains in the background the majority of the song but for fragments of the song comes the surface and is the focal point. “Thoughts” begins with a light guitar picking followed soon by ADNA’s delicate whisper like tone. This song also showcases layers of backing vocals which creates a huge amount of depth to the song. “Someone’s Someone” highlights the piano playing, and ADNA’s voice surprisingly more delicate. Her vocal delivery is heartfelt and passionate. In this track her voice has a slightly different tone at times. Her voice gets a little deeper, it’s easy to tell that she truly feels the passion within these songs. Often times the songs come across with blank emotion. But through ‘Closure’ you feel every ounce of pain and every beam of happiness through her voice. Let ADNA lead you on a heartfelt journey, ‘Closure’ will help you embrace the world. The songs here will not only strengthen your musical pallet, but also allow you to enjoy music as it’s meant to be experienced.

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