Why People Criticize Metal Music: A Look

Why People Criticize Metal Music: A Look

Do you feel your head throbbing and heart pumping out of beat when you listen to heavy metal?
Well, you may not be the only one to dislike metal music. But that is fine to the metal fans if you generally dislike the genre. Yet some people criticize metal music and call it nonsense and “just noise!”

Frankly that stems mostly out of ignorance and any criticism on metal genre goes to strengthen that ignorance. Let’s take on some of the common criticisms of metal music and break them down. For instance, the wrong metal music can affect your casino experience, and you surely wouldn’t want that. That being said, not all types of music is going to affect you negatively. Some have been seen to even improve your casino playing experience!

Metal is about Death and Destruction

Most of the metal bands emphasize themes which you are obviously not going to find in any pop music! If you don’t like serious themes like death, destruction, politics, sexual tendencies, depression or dark things then metal may not be your thing.

We can’t relate to music intentionally- it comes from within. So if you don’t like serious subjects and find the world a very happy place to live without any concern then be our guest and listen to Justin Bieber!

Metal is just Noise

This is one of the most common criticisms against metal genre. Of course metal doesn’t follow the same arrangement as you would find in a Beyonce song! Also, calling the whole genre of metal music ‘noise’ is just plain and simple lazy and shows you have taken no effort to make sense of the music.

Humans by nature seem to like all things orderly and you may fall into the same category. But not all of us have the same taste or preference- there’s a huge chunk of population that lives and breathes metal music which brings us to our next criticism…

Metal is for Social Outcasts

Again, if you believe the world is such a wonderful place with bombings going on in Syria and thousands of people dying every day- be our guest and hate metal music but don’t criticize it! The lyrics of metal music deal with serious subjects and meant for people who can see and feel the reality.

If that makes us a bunch of social outcasts- so be it!

Metal is just a New Kid on the Block

Dig a bit into the history of metal and you will find bands trying to get the heavy sound effect as early as 1960s. The bands like Kiss and AC/DC were considered to be heavy metal bands in those days though now you might call them heavy rock. That means metal progressed through a long timeline of over 40 years and influenced many genres to become what it is today!

Metal is as old as rock and roll and if you want you can consult Google for more information.

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