Unusual Musical Instruments in Rock Music

Rock music is always associated with drums and different types of guitars. However, did you know that rare and unusual musical instruments are welcome in rock bands? Moreover, they can bring some unique sounds. In the post below, you will find a list of extraordinary instruments in rock music.  

The Flute

It is a very popular musical instrument in the world. Nevertheless, it’s not widely used in rock bands. It’s rather an instrument for classical music. Anyway, it can perfectly diversify aggressive rock music and improve any performance. Also, it adds some folk notes that always sound great.


This Scottish instrument is still unusual in rock but already gained popularity in this genre. This instrument has a unique sound that can hardly be confused with anything else. Strong and tattooed men in kilts and bagpipes under their shoulders who blow ethnic tunes can make an unforgettable performance.

You should know that it is very hard to learn how to use this musical instrument. It requires a lot of practice and effort to start making music with bagpipes. In case you’re a student who wants to become a top-tier piper, don’t be shy about ordering college papers at Assignment Geek, an online paper writing service. It will help you get your papers done when you have no time because of over-curriculum music lessons. 

The Didgeridoo

It is a traditional brass musical instrument of Australian aborigines. The didgeridoo is a massive instrument that is made of wood. It produced an uninterrupted bass sound. It can improve the way a rock band sounds. 

To use this instrument, you will need to learn a special technique called “circular breathing.” This technique allows you to constantly blow in the instrument and breathe as much as you need without any interruptions.

The Bouzouki

It is a national Greek string instrument that isn’t very popular among rock bands. However, it can significantly diversify rock music by adding some ancient tunes. Usually, it’s played at a slow pace. However, if you want to blow listeners’ minds, you need to try playing the bouzouki at a fast pace.

The Electric Violin

The classical violin that is made of wood can improve any classical concert. However, the electric violin, it’s improved version can add some enticing tunes in rock music. Also, its design looks awesome on a stage. 

Being a student who has a Garage Band and wants to sound cool and unique, wait no longer. Find someone who can play the electric violin and ask him to become a part of your band. 

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The Maracas

Maracas is not what people imagine thinking about rock music. However, this musical instrument can also be in a rock band’s arsenal. The Rolling Stones can prove that. It is a simple musical instrument from Latin America that can perfectly suit a slow-paced rock song with its low percussion sounds. 

The Theremin

This instrument is what rock fans will enjoy hearing. The uniqueness of this musical instrument is that it uses electromagnetic power to create tunes. You can use it touchless as electromagnetic waves are invisible to the human eye. 

The Hurdy Gurdy

This one is a very unusual instrument that can create a lot of unique tunes with a spinning wheel. Moreover, it has a lot of strings and buttons that help control the sound. This musical instrument creates ethnic sounds. It can play at a slow and fast pace as well. 

The Xylophone

It is a well-known percussive instrument that didn’t gain popularity in rock yet. However, it is definitely worth your attention if you’re looking for new tunes to add to rock music. The xylophone can create different sounds from low to high and perfectly play along with the guitar and drummer. 

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Final Words

If you’re a real rock fan or already have a band, you should know that there is nothing wrong with adding new sounds using different musical instruments. If you want your band to sound unique, don’t be shy about using any of the instruments from the list above.

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