Top Advantages of Boku Payment Method in Online Casinos

Most gamblers use Boku to make online payments while playing online games. Boku payment service has built the reputation of facilitating fast, instant and secure deposits in online casinos. Several Boku casinos have embraced the new technology of mobile payments because of the benefits that consumers enjoy. Since it was developed, the payment service has been ranked as the best payment avenue for play casino sites in the UK.

Those who have used it while playing games in the online gambling world have found this method beneficial. That’s why you’ve probably noticed more and more online gambling sites adding seals to their sites and informing avid gamblers that they support Boku payments. Players don’t need a bank account or credit card to use this service. Boku allows you to make online payments that are billed to your mobile phone directly. And this is the ideal option for players who want to keep their banking and other personal details away from the online world.

How to use Boku

Depositing funds to your preferred online casino through Boku is easy and super-fast. The entire process takes a couple of seconds.

Step 1

To load money to your online account using Boku, you need to take three critical steps. Start by navigating the payment interface of your casino and you’ll find three options:

  • Pay by phone
  • Pay by e-wallet
  • Pay by debit or credit card

When using Boku, you should always go for “pay by phone” to get redirected immediately to the payment page of the service. If you’ve never used this service to make online payments, you’ll be prompted to do so in a simple and fast process via SMS

Step 2

Key in the amount you’d like to deposit into your online gaming platform, your password, and then submit. You’ll receive an authentication message via SMS. And the funds will reflect instantly in your account. Once this happens, you can start using your daily free spins on online gambling site to increase your chances of winning.

Zero transaction fees

Unlike e-wallets and credit/debit cards, Boku can be used for free by all online gamers. Boku will not deduct anything from the amount you choose to deposit. And this is one of its greatest advantages. This means that if you deposit $10, only $10 will be deducted from your phone credit and you’ll end up paying only $10. It’s super easy to deposit and withdraw on casinos that accept Boku since they charge the phone operating service and eliminates a huge portion of your liability. The process of making online payments with this service is simple and straightforward. It is a platform that was developed with every online player in mind.

Supported by other mobile providers

The majority of mobile networks in the UK accept the Boku payment method when making online deposits. Therefore, if you are on EE, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, or Three, you won’t have issues. Since Boku has partnered with these mobile providers, you’ll find the service rounded, extensive, and safe. However, you should keep in mind that Boku bears the responsibility of the compliance envelope. Since online gambling sites that accept Boku support these phone payment services, the online payment service is supported by other payment authorities namely:

  • Ofcom – Controls communication in the UK
  • AIME – The trade association industry that offers longevity and support
  • PhonepayPlus – Controls UK’s pay by phone service

No bank account? No worries!

Most of the online payment methods such as PayPal require users to verify their information using an official bank account before using them. And that’s great. However, it can be difficult when you don’t want to associate your account with your gambling habits. However, with Boku, all you need is a phone number and smartphone. You don’t need to have a bank account or card information. You’ll have the time to enjoy yourself by playing your favorite online casino games.


Boku is one of the most accessible and secure online payment methods in the world. Since Boku doesn’t require your bank details to make transactions, it means it’s less likely for your account to be hacked. Hackers cannot use phone bill payments to steal your financial information. Leading Boku casino sites encourage players to use Boku to make casino activities secure. It offers security and anonymity at the same time. Plus, communication between the casino servers and your smartphone is encrypted. Therefore, for someone to put money into your account, they need to know your password and unlock your phone. All you need to protect your phone is a pin or pattern lock. Now is the time to try out Boku and discover everything it has to offer.

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