The Bucketlist With MORETTA!

In this series we pose the age old questions to a wide array of music lovers. As fans of music most of us keep a mental list of active bands we want to see live that we haven’t yet seen. The Bucketlist brings to you those lists of your favorite artists and why those bands mean so much to them.

Moretta’s highly anticipated sophomore album has arrived. ‘What’s Left Means Nothing’, ironically, brings it all to the table. “This album is a representation of where we are as musicians and as individuals. I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out” said vocalist Joe Paisley. In a genre that has become increasingly stagnant by imitation, Moretta finds their footing by refusing to let the genre define them. The band may have started with a mutal love for hardcore but their style and sound has branched out and bloomed far from where they started. Though they retain some hardcore elements the band is truly a multi fusion band that straddles the fence on several genres. Every song meticulously crafted to deliver that special something listeners feen for. With choruses you’ll catch yourself singing at work, blended tastefully with breakdowns you can’t help but play along to on your steering wheel, Moretta continues to grow their fan base around the globe.

Lyrically, they challenge you to look within to find purpose and meaning, urging you to no longer accept the lies being fed through mainstream media; Moretta is asking you to think for yourself, find forgiveness, and take on your internal demons with strength. ‘What’s Left Means Nothing’ will be released on July 28th. You can hear the first single below. 

As fans of music we are always excited to see bands live. Some of these bands are legends and some of them are newcomers to music, but they both equally excite us when they play shows in our area. We posed the age old question to Robby, Joe and KC from Moretta to see what bands would make their bucketlist. Bands they haven’t seen before that they put at the top of their list and they also explain why those bands are so important to them. Here are their choices.


Robby Erickson (Guitar):

Parkway Drive for sure. I’ve always been fan on their music of course, but their live show is just absolutely nuts every time. I’m dying to feel the raw energy they put out, especially in a festival setting.

Nothing More because everything they put out constantly gets me hyped up and I want to hear Jonny’s magical voice in person.

Slash because it’s Slash… and a show full of GnR and his conspirators stuff is just too good to miss in this life.

Pentatonix because being a guitarist who also harmonizes with Joe all set long, singing isn’t the easiest tool I have to master in my musical arsenal. Seeing a group like them do a show full a cappella would be an absolute trip.

OH I also want to see Van Halen before I die. That’s what my parents always listened to when my mom was pregnant with me, and still even to this day. Eddie clearly made an impact especially since all my gear is EVH lol

Joe Paisley (Vocals):

I’ve had the privilege of seeing a lot of my all time favorites, but I definitely wouldn’t mind catching these two live again.

My favorite band of all time is Thrice. The stars just haven’t aligned to give me another opportunity to see them in recent years.

Killswitch Engage. Even though I just saw them a couple years ago, their presence and absolute perfection leaves me in awe every time.

Kc (Drums):

A perfect line up for me at this time in my life would be (from first to last): Chon, Architects, Tesseract, and Periphery.

I met the dudes in Chon down at Namm and did a drum cover of their track titled “Book”. All rad, down to earth dudes and need to see them throwdown live and in real life.

Architects being the heavy hitters they are have been on my list for awhile. Since they are from Australia and recently having members experience health issues its been hard for them to get to the US and the last time they were here I wasn’t able to make it.

I love Tesseract’s music and they are all just super good musicians. They have special place in my heart.

I could pretty much say the same thing about Periphery as I did Tesseract. Just need to witness them shred their tunes live. Matt Halpern is a beast.



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