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We’re back again with another installment of our beloved Bucketlist segment where we pose the age-old question and find out which acts make the personal bucket lists of your favorite bands and artists! Quite often, we all get to check off on our own bucket lists and most of the time that list is ever-growing, but nonetheless, Metal Nexus will be here to keep asking that question and do our best to bring artists and fans just a little closer! This week, we’re looking at Liliac – a hard-rocking family quintet all under the age of 20!

There’s no doubt about the number of extremely talented up-and-comers in the music scene, but one of the fastest growing, as well as one of the most talented, bands on the rise today is Los Angeles, CA’s own Liliac. Despite being as young as they are, this group has the prowess of seasoned musicians, and with their father/manager/producer Florin Christea (aka Chriss Floren) at the helm, there are bound to be good things are on the horizon. Dad is no rookie either – having written and produced songs placed in several American and European TV shows such as MTV’s True Life, Parental Control, 10 on Top, and Morning Hot Mix and Lifetime’s Bond of Silence, it’s safe to say Liliac is in more-than-capable hands. The band is made up of Samuel (guitars), Ethan (guitars), Justin (keys), Aby (drums) and Melody (bass/vocals) whose powerhouse vocals will blindside first-time listeners! Liliac has already shown immense potential for a very promising future with the release of their newest all original album ‘Chain of Thorns’ as well as two cover albums that are packed with mind-blowing covers of hits like Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love”, and my personal favorite, Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” which you can check out below!

We recently spoke with Liliac about their personal bucket list and this is what they had to say:

When we go to concerts we usually go together as a family! We’ve been to so many concerts and seen so many bands like: Megadeth, Halestorm, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, Muse, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Cheap Trick, Heart, Joan Jett and the Balckhearts, The Who etc. but there are bands that we haven’t seen or may never have a chance to see that we dream to watch. So, here are our top 5 bands we would love to see perform live.

1. MetallicaMetallica was a major influence on our lives. They introduced us to heavier music when we were younger and we love all their songs! We love to headbang at concerts and we know that we would headbang to every song Metallica would play! We’ve seen some videos on Youtube of their concerts and they look so thrilling and we would love to see the show in person!

2. Dio – If you don’t’ already know we’re huge fans of Dio and Melody’s main influence is Ronnie James Dio. His powerhouse vocals and the passion in his voice is why she loves Dio so much! Samuel also adores Vivian Campbell’s guitar playing and would pay attention to every solo Vivian would play. Even though, we won’t have a chance to actually see Dio perform. We wanted to include them on our list because this band is a true inspiration and if Ronnie was still alive we would be the first ones to buy the tickets in the front row seats!

3. QueenQueen was the first rock band that we listened to as kids. Queen is the reason we got  into rock music. We love their diversity in their songs and they are true legends. One of Abigail’s influences is Roger Taylor and she just loves how his drumming fits perfect with each song. Freddie’s showmanship really caught our eyes and his voice is so powerful and beautiful. John Deacon’s bass playing and Brian May’s melodic guitar riffs really make up this great band! If we were born in the 1970’s we would go to every concert they had!

4. Iron Maiden – We still haven’t had a chance to see Iron Maiden but if they were in town we wouldn’t hesitate to buy the tickets to see them. We love everything about this band, the guitars, the bass, the drums, the vocals. They give off a lot of energy and we would like to experience that in person. We cover their song “The Trooper” and it’s quite an amazing song that many people love, including us.

5. Aerosmith – The final band on the list is Aerosmith. Once again, another powerful vocalist who can do crazy screams. We like the sound of Aerosmith, they’re very energetic with a blues rock feel. Aerosmith is a very unique band and they’re songs are very memorable. We will always remember having fun playing and jamming to their songs on Guitar Hero!”

Be sure to follow Liliac on social media as well as their official website for all the newest releases, updates, and to get yourself some sweet Liliac merch!  This is definitely a band to watch for, and you’ll be glad you did!

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